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    I have started rebuilding my site and disabled all plugins, except Woocommerce, Marketplace, WCVendors (and Pro) and Buddypress.

    With everything in its basic form, I have a few question?

      On every page, the page title appears. How can I have it removed or not displayed?
      On the members products pages, only 5 items is being displayed before it paginates, how do I display more items or at least the default 12?
      How do you make the collections categories the same size? I have some much larger than others.
      How do you set featured Sellers to display from the marketplace visual composer module? No Sellers are being displayed.
      No Stores or sellers are displayed on the pages I have set for them in the marketplace settings. It defaults to “sort by most active” but I receive “BROWSING ALL SELLERS (0 of 0) Sorry, no stores were found.” Changing it to sort by alphabetical shows all vendors properly. How can I have sort by alphabetically be the default or fix the display problem?
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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