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    I am looking for a way to search posts by entering different tags associated with those posts. Am I able to modify the BP Global search plugin to search by tag name? Right now it does “Posts, Members, Groups, Activity, Messages”



    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @andy8mcdonalds this isnot currently possible but I have sent a request to the developers to include it in a future release.


    Great thank you very much. I think the feature I would request is to search posts by both tag name, or categories.

    Thank you for being such a great keymaster!


    @tjchester where is the best place to ask a support question for BP Global Search? I had two issues with the plugin.

    1. When I search for something, the initial “All” Results an empty page. you have to click through to posts or something else to get the results to show up.

    Example: http://hope361.com/?s=court

    2. I have “Members” checked in the options panel to have members show up, is how I interpreted it. If this is true, I don't have members showing up in the results anywhere, even when I type in their name or username.

    Example: http://hope361.com/?s=david


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @andy8mcdonalds asking them here is just fine.

    Do you have any unusual setup or setting on your site like privacy or custom database prefixes, or any member table changes…anything like that? Try disabling extra plugins you have installed to check if there is a conflict.


    I think I found the issue, when I have “Activity Streams” activated in my Buddypress settings, then everything seems to work fine, but when I deactivate it then it causes the error. I didn't plan to have activity activated for the time being until i figured out a few more things, but maybe I just need to keep this activated.

    Thanks for your help


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @andy8mcdonalds I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Perhaps we are using a BudydPress component that gets disabled with that setting. I'll forward this to the developers.


    @andy8mcdonalds @tjchester

    This is fixed internally, and will be included in the next release.


    Anything new about searching posts by tag/tags in general?


    Hi @snikay, Taxonomies are not included yet.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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