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    So I know you guys have said rtMedia is one of the many 3rd-party plugins you support with the Boss theme, but I'm getting weird styling issues when I upload videos. As you can see from the attached pic (sorry for poor quality – it was hard to take a pic as it wouldn't last long), these controls seem to pop up when you hover over the video with a mouse. But a white progress bar overlaps it. Also, it looks like the controls are repeated.

    When you move the mouse hover away, the white bar disappears and the controls seem to stay for another split second before they also disappear. Basically whatever these controls do, it's useless — they can't be accessed, and it just looks really sloppy.

    When I use default WP themes, then the videos look normal (and there are simpler controls), so it seems like the Boss theme is adding something? Whatever it is, it's not working well with rtMedia.

    Any chance for a fix for this?



    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @antonkawasaki please email the description of this issue to @buddyboss.com">support@buddyboss.com and Varun will investigate this further.


    @tjchester @antonkawasaki

    wp-admin -> rtMedia -> Settings -> Custom CSS

    .rtm-single-media {overflow:inherit! important}

    .rtmedia-editor-attributes .rtmedia-edit-attr-checkbox div, .rtmedia-editor-attributes .rtmedia-edit-attr-select div { display: block; }

    .rtmedia-single-media .mejs-button button {
    background-color: #222222 !important;
    width:auto !important;

    Adding this will make rtMedia's video player useful again. 🙂 The issue you are seeing is that the Boss “btn” class is overriding the class for the mejs video player button, so it's stretching the png for the video controls. The background color of #222222 is the same color as the video player which removes the button colors from being inherited, and the width change to auto removes the mandatory 200px width for Boss btn css.

    Might be a good idea to simply include this in future updates of Boss so that sites are all automatically compatible…..

    Hope this helps.

    (Not a rtMedia staffer, I just use their plugins on my site)


    @bentasm1 Thanks so much for hopping in this thread and offering a solution for the weird styling issue!

    Varuna (@vapvarun) also provided a different (but similar) solution to me in an e-mail. Both CSS examples help with the aesthetics, for sure — but unfortunately, if you have the rtMedia lightbox turned on there is still overlapping of the video player controls and the other buttons (Edit, Delete, etc – see attached).

    With lightbox turned off, you're taken to a separate page each time you click on media, and those buttons are then below the video. BUT I HATE THIS VIEW! It takes you away to a separate page each time, and it's really annoying. I really want to enable the lightbox, but not have all the controls and buttons overlapping.

    If anyone can figure out the necessary CSS for lightbox view to prevent overlapping elements, I would be forever grateful!!!!


    rtMedia provided me with the necessary CSS to fix it within 6 hours. Why not just ask them? Then report back what works….. I dont use the lightbox on my site so I cant really provide much help on it.


    @bentasm1 I could ask rtMedia for help, that's true. But it's not really an rtMedia issue, it's a theme one. If I switch to the default 2015 WP theme, then the Edit/Delete/Like buttons all neatly fit UNDER the video player controls, not over them. So any solution rtMedia might provide could potentially not jibe with whatever aesthetic changes that the BuddyBoss guys might make in the future.

    rtMedia support was one of the first pre-sale questions I ever had before buying BOSS — and it was really important that it worked properly, as it's a MAJOR feature of my site. Sure, it works with lightbox switched off, but that's not really FULL support for the plugin IMO. I'm hoping the BuddyBoss guys can eventually provide an elegant looking solution that fits the look of their theme….

    @vapvarun @tjchester


    Well, then post up a link to your site and maybe someone will look at it. I've offered you the easy way to handle it, here you are 21 days later with no fix. Sorry if I offered the most reasonable and easy way to accomplish what you want. 😉 You cant expect the Boss team to be compatible with every plugin, especially when those plugins use competing style sheets. Plugins should use their own styles, not try to inherit ones from themes. Perhaps you could learn to inspect an element and try things to find the problem, too. 😉


    @bentasm1 Hey man – your fix was much appreciated, as was @vapvarun's! Just so you know, I'm not waiting 21 days later for a solution from the Boss team – I already got a partial solution, and it's up to me to decide what to do with that now.

    I also don't expect the theme to be compatible with every plugin, and never said it should. I WAS told it was compatible with rtMedia, though, which is why I ultimately purchased it – but I also understand that's it not fully supported 100%. That's ok.

    My site won't launch for a while (and I can't really publicly link to it, especially the media which will be private, or else I would have already). If FULL support for rtMedia comes via the Boss guys before the site is live, then great. If not, I'll figure out another solution via rtMedia or myself. No worries.

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