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    Is it possible to restrict the use of Reply by Email to certain WP User Roles (ie. Author) and/or BuddyBoss Member Types?




    Hi Richard, you could use something like User Role Editor Pro or Capability Manager Enhanced to limit usage to a user role, I like Role Editor Pro the best


    I don't see how that would work. For example, if I have two BuddyBoss Members types, say Students and Teachers, how would User Role Editor Pro or Capability Manager Enhanced know to change the the email so that only Teachers can reply by email? Likewise, I might only want the WP role of Authors to be able to be able to reply by email, not the 100,000's of members of the site.


    Richard, look at what user role editor pro can do and you should be able to work it out, its just a matter of restrictions for use of a function within a user role


    I'm not sure it is as it's not a question of hiding a function nor limiting a role. I use PressPermit but I can't think how to set this up as a conditional change without specific hooks into Reply By Email. For example, I'd want Students and Teachers to get email alerts as they do now when comments or forum posts are left, but only Teachers get the option to be able to reply by email. Likewise, all registered users get notifications but only Authors are able to reply by email, etc. It would be much simpler (obviously!) if you can assign the options for user roles and levels and BuddyBoss types within Reply By Email itself.


    I would also like to have an option to limit this function to certain roles (e.g. to use it for a membership site…)


    I'd also like to know if this is possible. We use s2Member and have three member roles. If it were possible, we'd probably restrict Reply by Email to the top two tiers, making it an incentive for members to upgrade.


    @ricochetsupport s2Member creates additional custom WP user roles between subscriber and author if I remember rightly? So, the ideal solution would be a drop down for WP user roles (and custom user roles that are created with membership plugins like s2Member) where you could leave blank or tick the relevant boxes for each role. It's a sound idea to offer Reply By Mail to only the paying or higher levels of membership so as to limit the costs of CloudIn.


    Hi @rgibbs, We will discuss about this approach to allow them to restrict with user role or member type.
    We are planning to integrate
    1) Mailgun
    2) SendGrid
    3) Postmark
    4) Your own Email service using Imap approach

    Varun Dubey


    Thanks @vapvarun I'd love to use Reply By Mail but it just isn't practical unless I can restrict it to a subset of the thousands of users I currently have. I imagine that will also be true for many BuddyPress sites that have a large number of members, simply because of the additional cost of the appropriate CloudIn subscription. Thanks again for your help.


    I think a restriction is essential to lessen the costs (“free” user are not allowed to use the mail function…)

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