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    Hi, fist please see the following post:

    I think it would be wise to remove the front-page.php and migrate the code to the index.php.

    The reason is that the front-page.php has the highest hierarchy rights when a user or theme designer needs to use a custom page template for (a) home page(s) via using a static page for the home page within the “reading' settings.

    I wasn't expecting this while I was needing to create several home page templates for a MultiSite install. Nor did I think to look to see if one exists in the parent theme [after hrs of ” why isn't this working??”]. Its usually common practice not to add a front-page.php file into a them by the root developer – especially if the developer supplies a child-theme.

    So if you guys can remove this and if you feel the content of the file is needed, then add the code into a much-lower hierarchy file like the index.php.

    Also, be sure to update the beta too!

    I think you guys put it there so the slider will always be caught(?) but you have a tute explaining how to add the slider into a custom template anyways so…?

    Thnx for the great theme!!!

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