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    This is a bit complicated, so hopefully you guys can follow…

    My site is not “locked down”, meaning people can visit many of the pages without being registered/logged-in.

    I am creating a box on my sidebar that will be seen on all pages whether you are logged-in or not. The box has two buttons. One that says “Find a Group” and one that says “Create a Group.”

    The “Find a Group” button sends logged-in or logged-out users to a search page I created using the Geo My Wp plugin (great plugin). There users see a list of groups in their area based on a zip code search and can click on the group name, which takes them to the group's homepage.

    Problem #1…How do I add a link/button on a group's page, when someone is *not* logged-in, that says “To join this group you must be logged-in” (or something to that effect).

    The next issue involves the “Create a Group” button. It sends users who *are* logged in to the create a group page (http://example.com/groups/create/step/group-details/). However it sends non-logged in users to the same URL but it says “Not Found”.

    Problem #2…How do I send users who click on “Create a Group” who are *not* logged-in to a page that says, “To create a group you must be logged-in. If you are not a member you must register first” (or something to that effect) with hyperlinks on “logged-in” and “register”.

    Is any of this possible?

    Appreciate any help. Thanks!




    @flick-chicks all of this is possible but this is beyond the support I can give you. This sounds like custom development that involves several if statement checks and editing of several group templates adding if statements.

    But in reality logged out users should never see the Create a group button. You can do this via PHP or via CSS. You would need to first hide the button, then add a CSS class to unhide it if body.logged-in class is displayed.

    That's about the depth I can go into, hope this helps.


    Thanks for the quick reply. I may have to rethink my process, but glad to know it's possible.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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