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    Hello, I have Recent Global Comments by wpmudev and comments indexer plugins installed though have not dug into it. I have no problem getting the Wall, though are they the same? Same thing with rtMedia vs the Gallery in Buddy Boss. Is it suggested to get the Gallery and Wall and move away from the aforementioned? Also, I have Ultimate Facebook Integration which is excellent and works with Buddyboss incredibly. Thanks for the Great Buddyboss, Please help me decide what is best. Then it all is perfect : )



    @rodonnell I'm not sure on the answer you need, but can I ask – does Ultimate Facebook automatically post users activity updates directly to their Facebook wall? That's my understanding but I want to check before I pay a monthly fee for it. Is just the first update posted or does this include replies? And does this posting include the activity for a new blog post? Thanks, Paul.


    Hello, Thanks Paul. I attached all the options with UF. The top FB option is API and the Bottom is Auto Posting. I hope that gives you the Info and helps you. Your questions are exactly mine, which I think is a good thing, the problems I face are what plugin is going to post what in favor of the other.

    I think the Facebook plugin was the smartest thing I've done, though it presents questions. Do I need users to create a seperate account in bp for certain events to occur. For Example I have “Let's-Box” and it autopopulates folders for new users by WordPress roles such as author vs Box roles such as Previewer-Uploader. Does single sign on bypass the opportunity?

    Again, I have no problem getting the Wall, and Gallery in Buddy Boss. But Is it suggested to get the Gallery and Wall. Perhaps they work together as the Global plugin perhaps would grab everything off the Walls of multisites

    Thanks: Ryan


    @rodonnell In the second screenshot the section called ‘map wordpress types to facebook locations' almost looks like it will autopost everything to a single user on facebook. I assume that isn't the case. I'd definitely like this plugin, I can't think of better way to increase use of a Buddypress site. Let's see what the BuddyBoss guys say regards BB Wall and Media. I would be looking for single sign-on to be the only authentication / account a user would need if it's in use.


    How do you ask BuddyPress directly Paul? Are you just a participant as I am? Forgive me, I love the forums and I usually get the answers here, but slow reply with most has kept me away over the years so a bit of direction would help. I based the decision by letting go of pride a bit and I have not heard of anyone marketing this, so I have and I am reluctant to say because have been burned in the past, no worries here, but it has caused mine to boom as I thought. It makes sense. the options look great right? I had to dig into the Facebook API though, which wasn't fun, Facebook looks simple but it's made to look perplexing when you dig enough. Lets get to the bottom indeed. We can re-thread this if you want just let me know. Yes those options I still have to get to. I think those prevent posting to your individual accounts since you give permissions, I edited them out so as to not show my unique id if that even mattered.


    Have you seen this? The top Menu Bar is Not Working on my site using buddy-boss. The first option in the drop-down is sort of scrambled and the options quickly disappear if you attempt to drop down. I tried redoing all the links but nothing. Help? Main functionality problem here.


    @rodonnell Official Buddypress support is available on buddypress.org, but for the questions you're asking, this is where you need to be – and the support is much better! I just contribute here and pick up on threads where I can help. I imagine I'll be adding the Ultimate Facebook plugin pretty soon as I want to test everything in advance of putting the site live. I'm sure an admin will advise on you're original queries. From that screenshot it looks to me like the menu link behind ‘Forms NATIONWIDE' is taking priority over it. The z-index of the Top Stories child elements needs to be higher, which can be set with css. I would raise that as a separate query in the Buddyboss theme forum – https://www.buddyboss.com/support-forums/forum/buddyboss-4-theme/ (assuming you're using version 4.0).


    O.k. Shortening menus for now. The rtmedia vs gallery and global comments and indexer in conjunction with. intead of, or just the Wall are my only real hangups.


    O.k. Shortening menus for now. The rtmedia vs gallery and global comments and indexer in conjunction with. intead of, or just the Wall are my only real hangups.


    Hi Paul,

    I'm sure you are loaded with responsed though I was wondering if you found any info on the gallery vs or with rtmedia which they have promoted and Wall in relation to global comments and indexer before a go ahead and buy it.


    @rodonnell BuddyBoss Media vs RTMedia – my understanding is that RT can do some things BB can't. But from what I've read elsewhere RT code is considered to be nowhere near as clean, and the plugin isn't as nice to use as BB. My advice would be to wait for the next release of BB Media, I believe new features are coming. Global Comments and Indexer looks to be something designed for multisite installs. I'm not sure if that's what you have setup, and I'm not familiar with BB Wall across a multisite config to be honest. @tjchester any ideas?


    Hi Paul, how are you?

    I installed the Wall and it seemed fine, however I just installed Gallery and I am unable to load Admin but the main blog site loads fine. otherwise it WSOD. I went to phpMyAdmin and all plugins except 1 are gone.


    @rodonnell What do you see in the plugins folder if you view from cPanel File Manager or FTP. You could just delete the BB Media folder to prove that's the issue. Should bring your admin back to life.


    Hi, thanks that worked. Now I just want Wall to Work and I dont think I can tell. I dug up an older Multi-Network ticket that is interesting it has to do with MultiNetwork adding a prefix to user_meta an Media unable to fetch the data. I looked and am not sure if it was the correct user_meta or correct state or what have you, but I saw no such prefix which could make perfect sense since this is from 2013. However, can we do some research into info on anything I need to do with css or in the tables to get the wall to work? Check out the link unless you know its dated. below the link has the important dialogue. Thanks Paul! People are excited about this theme. I know I can get it to work, I just thrive on info

    Should I uninstall RT Media before installing BuddyBoss Media?

    Will it work with Multi-Network, it says it does I believe.


    Hi @Jason Verdelli,

    I hope you are well today.

    After checking the codes from both, I found the conflict here.

    The Multinetwork try to add a prefix to every user_meta key, and after that, the Buddywall can not find the right user_meta key, which causing this issue.

    I'm not really recommend the way the plugin buddypress-multi-network do, as after you remove that, it can mess-up the user_meta key, which can causing your site will not work properly anymore without that plugin.

    So I think the best choice now is remove that plugin and replace with another plugin 🙁

    I will include @Jack Kitterhing again here for his value comments about similar plugins 😀

    If you have any issues please don't hesitate to let us know so we can assist

    Best regards,
    Hoang Ngo

    Mon Oct 6 2014, 8:46:33 AM Give points (0) Reply

    Jason Verdelli Elite755#112

    Thank you for the input. It helped narrow down to a solution. There a few reasons I need to have the multi network active so I needed to come up with a solution around it. I realized that the user like information was being stored in user_meta key with a prefix defined by the multi network plugin. In this case it's “network_(id of blog)_”. I defined the current blog id variable in the function that runs the sql query to validate the likes associated with particular activity posts for a user within the user_meta table. Then I just added {$current blog id variable} after “network_” to the sql query to assure it pulls from the correct user_meta key. This solved everything 🙂

    Thanks again for your help to narrow the issue down. I appreciate it!


    Go with an uninstall of RT

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