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    Thank you for the Lovely theme I Love So Much But Im Sad Coz When I Install It dont Know I Can Not Make It Look Like Demo
    Even I Cant Find The homepage to customise it
    if you Need My Info Please i can Send it



    Please I Want The Gorups Look Like your Demo in Middle
    and How I Remove This (User Groups Directory) and make it only Groups
    2: When I Log On With Facebook It Take Me To Noting
    Please Need Help If you Can Help Me Make It Look Like your Demo I will be so happy please


    Noe Answer Nodbody to Care where the support you Promise?


    I'm not support but maybe I can help. From the dashboard go to settings> buddypress settings > pages

    From there you need to select the page that you want the groups to be displayed. Mine is just set to groups, that may be the default, I can't remember if I had to add that page or not.

    Hope this helps!


    Thank You Smoe Smuch For your answering But I Cant find The Demo Page Like The Theme I Want Set As the MainHome Page And Use It Why No suppport Its Sad


    No support Nobody to Look For the customers?


    1- to have your saite like the demo,

    2- look at your calendar. sunday, isn't it?!… week-end, you know… this site offers support on business days. wait for tomorrow to complain…


    Thank You Sir But After We Install The Theme The Website Stop To Work It Causes Alot Of Prp I Llooked For Support But Nothing I Looked For another Soulation and The Website Under Menitance Now We Going Not Use Theme But The Question Is There Refund Or Money Back Or Something Like That Way and Thank You All Best Regards

    I Hope Will Be an Answer



    Hi @farouk, I apologize for the inconvenience you are having with the theme configuration.

    You can download demo data from following link:

    If you have other concerns, just let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.



    Thank You @Pallavi Gupta But i Dont need It any More It Makes The website down and i remove it but i asked many question about the refund like you your copmany proimsed and no answer also !! even i sent and contac the company email but also ignore me im just ask if there will be money back or no so i know ? thank you and for the copmany

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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