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    I've installed Marketplace on a Multisite in a subsite. A couple days in. It's been “complex”

    Current questions. I have Membertypes on another subsite, it is bringing over the xprofile fields but not the member types and applying the fields to all member. Train wreck on the data (I dont want all those questions being asked)

    No stores are showing up in the stores page at all. it looks like none of the vendor stores come over with the install?

    Can anyone tell me where the vendor stores are listed on the backend or is that purely a front end function? WC vendors has very little doco, they say “User Edit screen (wp-admin > Users > Vendors > Edit the vendors account” . . but this doesnt exist

    I know there is no documentation, just videos. Cant search a video so I cant find anything. WC Vendors install guide says very very little.

    So far, this is a very confusing experience. And I havent gotten to groups yet.



    OK – scratch the last of those questions, multisite sets up the admin as a participant, so you need to change your role to admin . . then change them all to vendors.

    A lot of guesswork . . .


    Nope, that didnt work. Still no stores showing up even though the demo roles are set to vendors. This is like working my way out of a maze


    Oh gods. what a train wreck

    WC Vendors is not compatible with MULTISITE and you only find that out hunting through forums . .

    Therefore. . . .Social Marketplace because of that is not Multisite compatible. Hence why half the functions arent working . . dont appear.

    What a train wreck. I want my 5 hours back


    @derekk2110 sorry to hear you are having so many issues with WC Vendors. Our forums are reserved for our product issues. Are you experiencing an issue with our products or do these questions need to be directed to WC Vendors?
    Additionally, if you don't need a multisite setup you may want to simply try a more simple approach?
    Seeing that screenshot of their support is a bit disheartening, but I understand how this plugin would not think of multisite due to it's nature.


    Hi TJ

    I really, really needed Multisite BUT listening to the forums on various sites including BB/WC Vendors/WPMU . . Multisite can be problematic.

    I will try again tonight without multisite and then look at using a plugin to share the credentials and the cred.

    If I cant get it to work then, may ditch the vendors component and stick with the forums (that was another huge part of the reason I went to BB . . ) . . I've asked a separate question about how to remove all the pages of massive whitespace on the theme (looks like I am one of many asking that question) as it's ridiculously overlarge.

    If cant remove the whitespace and cant get vendors going, I will use Boss 2.0. Im not beaten yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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