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    Hey BB,

    Just installed Reply by Email, and configured with SendGrid. We’re using CloudFlare and it’s a multisite. DNS entries appear to be OK. Mails are being sent, but not received. It may relate to this, however I’m using this privacy plugin. Could it be the cause? The messages usually timeout (see attached) and I get a message as follows: “Message reply you sent “xxxxxx” failed to post as the message has expired. Note: Don’t reply to this email as it is auto generated.”

    Another peculiar issue is that if I leave the application for a few moments, the settings are lost and I have to re-configure. Well, not exactly re-configure, usually hitting set to SendGrid and save, recalls the config already set. I’ve attached a screen grab of what happens after Reply by Email has been configured and left for a short period of time.

    Lastly, BuddyBoss Inbox is installed. Currently using Gmail SMTP. Is moving to SendGrid SMTP advised?

    Grateful for any thoughts/pointers.




    Hi @vapvarun

    Any thoughts on above? Or perhaps further details are needed? Anxious to get this up an running soon.

    Many thanks.



    Hi @opengreg, Sorry for the delayed reply..

    Hope you are doing good today

    Is your problem resolved ? Feel free to post a reply if you need further support with this issue.




    That’s OK.

    No, problem persists. I was hoping to hear what you guys think…?



    Hi @opengreg,

    Sorry for inconvenience.
    Please PM the MULTISITE PRIVACY plugin to test.
    SendGrid option setting need to re-configure again and again ?? I have notified about it to developer to test it again.
    Varun Dubey

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