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    Do you guys LearnDash and BuddyBoss still join venture or not? Social learner first launch had such great impact all seemed to be perfect theme and plugin. But lately buddyboss doesn't seem in progress of developing the theme that associate with LearnDash. Since my last night updated both LearnDash 2.1.1 and Boss for Learndash 1.0.2, gosh i want to slap my face. All disappear!!
    1. Courses detail are all disappear.
    2. All courses grid are all gone.
    3. It used to look nice and keen and function but not any more, buddyboss design look so strange lately with LearnDash.
    4. Also i just notice that course discussion button also disappear, I thought that look cool but also gone.

    Could you guy explain please what is going on, so i can move on.. and not rely on buddyboss any more.
    Please explain!!!!




    Hi @wp_flamingo , please downgrade boss for Learndash for a while we have included features inside Boss for Learndash 1.0.2 for latest learndash 2.1 but it seems something is creating little mess.
    We are working on it on urgent basis.



    Hi @wp_flamingo , i have sent mail you a mail which have patch, it will fix above issues.

    Varun Dubey


    hi @vapvarun thanks, i will check into it..

    Best regards


    Hi again, @vapvarun

    Take this course button gone too????


    Hi @wp_flamingo, Take this Course button should be visible to members, i have tested it with clients site development site both.
    Varun Dubey


    Hi @vapvarun thanks i saw it.. Please inform me too when the real boss for learndash is ready to update? Because i have several sites that use social learner.

    one site already have a lot going on there, so i didn't update anything yet, but the red notification in admin backend is something make me feel nervous hahaha.

    The other site that i updated all those doesn't have much of the students yet.. so please let me about when it's ready to update..



    I have the same problem… @udomsak How do I go back to a previous version?

    Updated learndash to 2.1.1
    Updated Boss. for learndash to 1.0.2

    All page content disappears!

    Deactivate boss for learndash and page content is back – but it looks ugly and I am missing some of the functionality.

    How do I fix this??


    hi @horsesstore

    I have no knowledge of coding but @vapvarun sent me the buddyboss 1.0.2 version which has patch, so i upload what he sent me again, and it come back the same way it looks.

    I attached the file for you.. so uninstall that bad version, and install the version i attached then.. all will become the same..

    BuddyBoss we hope you fix it soon!!!

    best regards,



    Thank you for your help – however I installed 1.0.2 and this is the plugin that created the problems for me… 🙁

    Hope they fix this soon ..


    Hi @horsesstore

    our update needs one function edit.

    Learndash method to hook css and js is little complicated and we are overriding their css and js to decorate courses and lessons.

    inside boss-learndash/includes/main-class.php line 1112

     public function boss_edu_deregister_theme_css_learndash( $content) 
            wp_deregister_style( 'sfwd_template_css' );
    	return $content;

    We will push update after testing shorty


    @Vapvarun Any updates?? It has been 5 days and I haven't heard back… the site looks ‘off' without the plugin working. Please advice


    hi @horsesstore , please update the boss-learndash it is fixed now


    Sorry – no it hasn't been fixed. As soon as I activate the boss. for Learndash version 1.0.2 all page content disappears…


    Please download the 1.0.3 version or use auto update to update it

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