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    We have the mobile version configured to include the Titlebar menu within the BuddyPanel menu. When including Font Awesome icons in the Titlebar menu in an attempt to get the icons to show in the mobile left menu, there are two sets of icons showing, the default icons and the Font Awesome icons. Only the Font Awesome icons should appear.

    See attached screenshot…



    After additional thinking on this topic, I think it would be ideal to create a setting that would allow for admins to chose whether or not icons will display in the titlebar when Font Awesome codes are entered the menu elements. If a setting isn’t created, I would suggest making the icons invisible in the title bar and visible when the title bar converts to the left menu in the mobile view.



    @mkrienke how did you add the mobile version of the font awesome icons?


    @tjchester here are the steps I took.

    1. Created a menu named Titlebar
    2. Added pages/items to the menu
    3. On each menu item’s settings, added Font Awesome codes to the “CSS Classes” field.
    4. Assigned the menu named “Titlebar” to the Titlebar menu location.

    Another relevant setting is under Appearance – Customize – Mobile Options. The “Titlebar Links (in left panel)” is set to “Display below other links”. This causes the Titlebar menu to appear in the left panel menu on the mobile view.

    Upon completing the above steps, the Font Awesome icons were visible in the titlebar menu on the “Desktop”/large screen view. However, when viewing the mobile view from a smartphone, the default icons plus the manually added icons were visible as seen in the attached mobile screenshot.

    I hope this helps.


    Same problem here. The icons really are important to the style of the site, IMO.



    @mkrienke @pawsitivevybe the devs are working on a fix.


    @mkrienke @pawsitivevybe @tjchester

    Forgot to update this thread. This was fixed in latest release, v1.1.5

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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