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    I am using the socialize theme…. Which is built on the redux framework



    Hi @kpd10435, we have checked your theme and it was theme specific issue.
    You can switch to default WordPress theme to get confirmation on it. Socialize have modified buddypress template that's why it's not working fine.


    is there any work around to make it work? other then switch to a different theme?


    hey there is no disclaimer from what i saw saying some themes may not be compatable ………so do I get any help here? am I SOL with the purchase? ………that makes twice then i get burned by buddyboss first time 7000 dollars i paid for a re-skin of one of your themes and it was buggy as hell and couldnt be used I let it go …..and now this ….come on guys lets be real here….TJ Chester did the custom work it was great work ….just didnt work over all ….if I cant get this to work on my theme can I make an exchange for another product of yours? ……plus be nice to get an answer …….some time

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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