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    Hi there,

    I tried checking the box in the settings that says “Mobile Rotation Fix”, but I'm still having an issue. Vertical photos are being forced into a horizontal layout. I had to go into the photo on the backend and rotate it myself. Anything else I can do?



    Hi @laboundguide,
    Inside the Media plugin settings
    there is a option for it : Enable fix for mobile uploads rotating

    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun,

    Perhaps you did not ready my first sentence. I said I have already checked that box.


    Hi @laboundguide, please paste your server specification with php version and memory


    @vapvarun Where do I find that information?


    Hi @laboundguide
    You can use this plugin and send the details at @buddyboss.com">support@buddyboss.com




    I am having same issue. Just had memory allocated to PHP increased to 512M.

    PHP version 5.3.26

    Still the mobile rotating is not working.

    Our website is private please let me know to whom I can send login credentials for testing?


    Hi @optimystic, It will be better you update your server php version
    To run WordPress we recommend your host supports:
    PHP version 5.6 or greater
    MySQL version 5.5 or greater

    Varun Dubey


    I understand your sentiment, however I have a dev site on the same server and the photo rotation works just fine.

    There is some sort of unidentified conflict with the theme. I disabled all plugins, and still the issue remains.

    I PM'ed you login details.

    To replicate the issue, if you upload the attached picture to the dev site (this was taken with an iphone 6) it's orientation works just fine.
    THEN upload the same image to my live site and you will see the orientation is sideways.

    Please check and further advise.


    @vapvarun Ok, I downloaded the plugin and just emailed my server information. I also keep getting errors when I post from my cell phone. Not sure if this issue is related. I attached screenshots of that problem as well.


    Hi @laboundguide I have submitted you info to developers
    They will cross check them shortly
    Varun Dubey


    Any updates on this?

    I posted the same problem a couple weeks ago.

    I have increased my memory after contacting my web host to 512M. I rebooted my site and still the increase in memory has not changed in WordPress. It still shows that my limit is 256M.

    “add this line to wp-config.php”

    define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', ‘512M' );

    Please see attached – as I need confirmation if this was added correctly…. as all images from mobile device continue to post rotated.


    Hi @holidayjoi, It's in our to do list
    Developers are working on it , It will be fixed in our next update


    I'm calling in @michael here, I need assistance. I was told this was fixed, @vapvarun gave me a beta version of the next update to the media plugin. While I appreciate the effort, we are not getting to the bottom of the issue. The beta version that I was given did not fix the issue, my mobile uploads are still not being rotated to display correctly.

    I have increased memory, tested with deactivated plugins. The other thing is this works fine on our development site, but not the live site so it's something to do with a conflict in that environment.

    How can we advance on this issue in the quickest amount of time? My users are getting pretty frustrated with the sideways images :/

    Kim, webmaster for thinkwithyourheart.com



    @optimystic I have our developers working on the issue later this evening. I have a hunch this is only affecting Apple devices. They may have changed their EXIF rotation data. Please correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

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