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    I have been working with your theme since last year, but recently took a few months break due to unresolved issues related to your theme and other plugins I’m using.

    I’ve commented before about media comments, and how un-user-friendly your system is. Since updating, the comments functionality doesn’t seem to work at all: if I open an image which opens your lightbox, when you click the comment icon, it opens the image as an individual thread and leaves you hanging…

    I’ve added rtmedia which works to a point, but the upload function isn’t as good as your Buddyboss Media plugin. They don’t work together (you end up with 2 upload buttons for updates etc.).

    Please can you do some further work on the media commenting so that it works like rtmedia (lightbox with ability to like/comment)?

    Many thanks




    Hi @keen, I have notified it to our developers we will discuss on it and get back to you with proper solution.



    Hi @pallavi,


    My testing has told me this: if someone posts a status with more than one image, the images are grouped (nicely) in the stream. If you click on an image it opens in the lightbox. If you then click on the comment icon, you are redirected to a new page with the posted images grouped together. Presumably this is to comment, but it isn’t user-friendly. Also, it doesn’t allow for commenting on individual images, which is weird, and finally, once a user has commented, they have to find their way back to the image gallery. A lightbox that allows like, comments and share in a carousel (as rtmedia provides, and similar to Facebook) is vital functionality for a social site.

    Many thanks.


    Hi @keen,
    Lightbox display will also be modified and it will have right sidebar for comments and sharing icons
    Please wait for a while, developers are already working on it.
    Varun Dubey


    Great news @vapvarun. Please update us when you can.


    This is awesome, thanks @keen, @vapvarun and BB team!



    Hi @bryceevans & @keen, Latest version of BuddyBoss Media has been launched please update your plugins..hope it will resolve your issues.

    If you have any further queries let us know..



    Hi @pallavi,

    My album does now have an image 🙂 Other than that – I can’t see any differences? I thought you were going to add media commenting/like/share as the RT Media plugin allows? That’s the functionality I’m waiting for.

    Many thanks 🙂


    Just to follow up on what @keen is saying (I’m looking forward to those features as well) – I’d love to have the caption or text that is posted along with the media to be much more user-friendly to read. Possibly in a large space above the comments that will be added in on the right sidebar (again, similar to Facebook).

    On my network, people write stories that can sometimes be a few paragraphs long, so the current lightbox display doesn’t work at all for reading the text, only viewing the image.


    Hi @bryceevans ,
    New lightbox is little delayed now, We have added this feature to the request list but i do not have a time estimate for it at present.


    Varun D.
    BuddyBoss Support



    You say that a lot (no timeframe) which isn’t useful to developers that are waiting for features. I first raised this with you about 6 months ago. It’s taken months just to get an album cover image.

    Can you not dedicate more time to getting existing themes working properly?

    If you can’t get the new lightbox working, can you not better integrate RT Media so that at least there is a working solution?


    @keen @bryceevans I’m glad you brought this up. In fact, we are heavily investing our time to resolve our bug fixing process. We hope to have a permanent new process in place that we are testing/tweaking now. With that said we are focusing on fixing actual bugs to our products and not adding new features at this time. Once we have stabilized all of our bugs we will begin work on new features like the light box.

    Regarding the light box: we have begun work on a new light box similar to the styling you have noted. Work was halted due to coding complications and has been on the back burner for several months due to the nature of the priority of new features. Our plan is to pick up work on this after next month, as well as requested features to other products. I can tell you the Media plugin is high on the priority list with some other features. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of a timeline, however we have no idea how long development of this feature will take given the plethora of requests we have to work through.

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