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    Greetings –

    In mobile view, I would like to change up the top nav, not sure how.

    1. I would like to keep the site title displaying in the center as it currently does, except not as a link

    2. I would like the home button on the left side to be an active link to the home page of the site.

    Currently, when I click the home icon, the page that you are on shifts right and there is a blank area exposed on the left. It looks like there should be a menu in that area, however it is blank.

    Additionally, once the empty menu area is exposed on the left side of the screen, there is no way to close it without refreshing the browser.

    Not sure if that is a bug or something specific to my installation. My log in and log out links, in mobile, are displaying on the right side of the screen, along with the rest of the site navigation.

    I have very few plugins installed, however I am using Membermouse to manage membership, and with that plugin comes an option to display log in and log out links, which by default display with the rest of the site navigation.

    What should be displaying when I click the home icon in mobile view?

    Thanks in advance



    @goofdog88 TJ might correct me if I'm wrong here but to remove the link from the site title in mobile view, download a copy of header.php and remove the following syntax from line 95:

    href=”<?php echo esc_url( home_url( ‘/' ) ); ?>”

    Sits right above the line that closes the mobile header div.

    The home button should be where your Login / Register links show. Try going into Settings > Buddypress > Settings and tick ‘Show the Toolbar for logged out users'



    @goofdog88 And upload that amended header.php file to your child theme only.


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @goofdog88 style960's way to remove the site link is correct.

    2) The items that should be in the left menu is the same as the wpadminbar so if you have a plugin hiding that content then that is your issue. Disabling the menu is not possible at this time, it would require an extensive hack of the js file that would need to be applied after every new update.


    Thank you both @tjchester and @style960 – I am not sure if worded my question correctly or not.

    When you look at the mobile navigation, the home icon intuitively should be a link to the home page of the site.

    I am not sure that I want to entirely disable the home button menu, I would just like to change the behavior when it's clicked, if possible, to be a link to the home page of the site

    If I can't do that, can I just disable it, so users can not click on it, and expose the left side menu?

    Thanks in advance


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @goofdog88 here is a quick hack you can try but I cannot support.
    Copy header.php from the parent theme into the child theme find line 91:
    <div id="user-nav" class="left-btn"></div>
    Change to this:
    <div id="new-user-nav" class="left-btn"></div>
    Then you will need to add javascript to the footer by adding something LIKE this to functions.php in the child theme:

    function menu_hack(){
    echo "<script>$('#new-user-nav').click(function(){
    window.location = 'https://www.buddyboss.com';

    This is a confirmed working example.


    @tjchester – worked perfectly, thank you!

    I am a bit curious tho, why the left nav wasn't showing any menu items. The only plugins I can think of that may be causing the issue are the following, however I did deactivate them and there was no change:

    1.Lockdown WP Admin
    2.Remove Dashboard Access

    I use these two plugins to hide the admin login, and to prevent anyone other than an admin having access to the dashboard. Is there a better way that you know of to accomplish this?

    Interestingly, when a user was logged out the login link would appear in the left menu area, but once logged in, there were no links present and no way of closing the menu with a page reload.

    I am still looking for the best way of increasing font size on mobile phones. At one point you suggested I add body{font-size:20px} to the custom.css file, but there is no way that the css is being read, because if I bump it up to say 20 or 30, no change in text size is visible. Do you have any other suggestions? (this would be for the body text as well as for the text in the status updates on the activity stream.

    I really appreciate all of the help you've provided to date.

    When I was considering themes, there were others that I thought looked better, however it was the number of times that I saw references to how good the customer service was here at Buddyboss that ultimately influenced my decision. Thank you


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @goofdog88 I'm certain it was one of those plugins to figure out which one you would need to disable them and check if the menu reappears. BuddyPress relies on the wpadminbar for quick navigation, though, it is not required. I would recommend adding a user menu in your main navigation. You can view the BuddyPress unique pages by selecting screen options and selecting buddyboss option.

    For the font-size to work on mobile you will need to add it to the mobile section of the custom.css. I would also recommend using the !important tag to make certain it sticks.

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