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    In the release notes for in 4.2.1 it mentions “Added live notifications via Heartbeat API.” That sounds exciting! Can you describe what that means for users?

    Also, notifications appear to be buggy now. The notifications count doesn't reflect the number of notifications. See attachment.

    Moreover, when I refresh the page the count is 2 and then five seconds later it returns to 1 (after doing nothing). What's going on?




    It looks when the count is 2, it only says “admin tagged you in a photo” once. Also there is only one notification in the dashpanel for a photo being tagged so this might have to do with BuddyBoss Media 3.0.6.


    Never got an answer on this and I'm still seeing notifications showing up twice 5 months later.


    Hi @acroyes,
    I have notified developers and it will be solved shortly
    Varun Dubey


    Thank you for testing. I'm so happy you can see it too!

    It's such an annoying bug.


    I've been seeing this bug too. A fix would be much appreciated.

    Cheers Ray


    Any progress on this? We've had 2 versions out. It's a really really annoying bug.

    It's also bugging the notification count on other profiles. See attached file. This person is brand new, it should be zero.


    These issues still remain in 4.3.0


    The notification now doesnt even show if on wp4.5 — it shows the count but empty popup text. Pls fix.


    @acroyes @adminzenoed

    Notifications issues are fixed in version 4.3.1, available now.
    Thanks for your patience.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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