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    I have serious doubts that this theme works at all.
    I do not see any step by step tutorials for and the support is zero.
    I want to know if anyone out there made it work as it is in demo



    Hi Gabriel,
    The theme is working.
    Quite nicely, I admit. However, still some smaller bugs and regarding the support … I am disappointed too.

    Re step by step tutorial: Check this out, might be helpfull:



    Thanks a lot.
    I started from scratch and I feel a little bit better.
    I still do not get any support here from developer.
    Now I have an issue that the wp vendor pro is blaming on the theme.
    I checked the “Allow users or guests to apply to become a vendor” in Woocommerce and a check box supposed to show up on registration page and it is not :(((

    My Account

    I can not have anybody sign up as a vendor


    this is what i need to show up


    Hi @ggoaga,

    I am not a specialist here, however, your question is purely related to WC vendors and has nothing to do with the guys here.

    As far as I know WC Vendors (I'm using Pro), the feature you are requesting (apply as a vendor from the register form) is not available.

    WC vendors works as follows:

    1) You register via registration form (this either a wordpress registration form or a buddypress registration form). It doesn't matter for the database, data are synchronized (if you switch it on in the buddypress settings).

    2) After you are registered, the user clicks on the Dashboard of WC vendors (pro or free). This will open a form to enter the data of your shop and apply as a vendor.
    With the application to become a vendor, the wordpress user role of the user changes from “subscriber” to “seller waiting for approval”.

    3) The admin has to approve the vendor (this goes in wordpress/users … look for “seller waiting for approval”)..
    You can set in WC vendors that the seller does not need admin approval, however, the steps are still the same.
    After you approved, the user role is changing to “seller”.

    4) Set up the shop, and you are ready to go.

    I am working with the plugin “BuddyPress Member Types”. This Plugin gives you the feature to have the member type directly in the registration form. You can assign a member type (eg XYZ) to a wordpress role (eg seller). This way you take some shortcuts. However, it is a buddypress plugin, where you create membertypes that are associated to a wordpress role (e.g. seller for WC vendors).

    For me it works perfectly and it doesnt require coding.

    Hope this helps. 🙂


    Bye the way, a trick I am using, to learn whether to blame the plugin or the theme:

    Change the theme to Twenty Sixteen or to Storefront.
    Twenty Sixteen is perfect to test all WordPress related issues and Storefront is very good to test WooCommerce issues.

    Just switch to one of these themes and try to do what you plan to do.
    If it is possible, its a theme issue. If its not possible, its a plugin issue and the theme doesnt matter.

    I your case above you would learn, that it is a plugin issue.

    Have fun. 🙂


    I finally fix it.
    Can you pls help with two small issues that i have:
    Thanks a lot. I really appreciate. I was stuck for couple days and almost give up.
    I have two more issues:
    1. http://www.grapey.com/ Shop by categories right under main menu and logo does not go horizontal like in their demo. The drop down is nice.
    I use MarketPanel as in attachment.
    2. http://www.grapey.com/members/
    Is it anyway I can hide the administrators from showing up here. Or just remove this page.


    Ok, and you send me a bottle of wine afterwards :-))

    Issue 1) is easy: You have in the Widget area the “Market Panel”, where you place the “market panel” widget. (your second screenshot)
    Just split this into more “categories” and mark only what you need.
    See my screenshot attached, its in German, but you will get the trick…
    I have 255 categories and subcategories and its working ….
    See screenshot 2 how I solved it.

    By the way, your logo is very nice! I like it!


    Forgot to answer question 2 … I dont have the issue, as in my page admins are moderators for the forums (bbpress). Therefore they must show up.

    check this:



    Hi @ggoaga,
    just a short one: how did you remove the site title from showing up? eg “homepage” on the homepage? I simply cant find the setting… Thank you


    I used the following CSS added in the theme settings to hide the titles.

    .page .entry-title { display: none; }

    .woocommerce .page-title { display: none; }

    The first one hides regular page titles, the second one hides Woocommerce titles like “shop”


    @georgeallen003 Thank you!


    Thanks a lot. Very helpful.


    The second answer linked was helpful too.
    thanks again


    Remove home page title is done by my theme.
    when you edit the home page go to page attributes, template select Home Page template
    That worked for me
    see attachment

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