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    I just purchased social learner yesterday and was working on putting my site together. I added a slider so that it would show up on my home page and now suddenly I have images showing up in my admin section under media and one of those images appears in my slider. Even though I did not add it to the slide. It's strange because a few hours ago those images were not there and now I look in the worldpress admin under media and there are automatically images showing up. Can someone please explain what's happening? It says “Cover Photo stock Image” and wha concerns me that it's showing up while I am sleeping and overrides my own images.




    Hi @simone2, When a user adds so its automatically assign a cover pic to the user and before assigning the image by default add into the media library to get a relative url..that means there are few images in the theme's stock files to provide a cover pic to users and groups.

    It will not add in your slider you will just get an option to add that.

    This approach will be removed in our future updates because buddypress also including cover image functionality in their future update.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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