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    Here’s something else: Better Sesnei/Buddyboss Inbox integration.

    I’m currently using Gravity Forms on lesson pages for students to upload their assignments. It works fine, but it’s redundant since Buddyboss Inbox supports attachments – students could just click “Contact Lesson Teacher” and send me a message with their homework attached.

    There’s just one problem: once a student clicks away from the lesson to their profile to compose the message, there’s no obvious way back to the course to resume. They’d have to go the long way of clicking Coruses => Course and then remembering which Module and Lesson they were on previously. It’s clunky.

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe there could be an automatic redirect back to the lesson page once the message has been sent? Or perhaps there could be a “compose message” window option available on the Lesson page itself so the student doesn’t leave the page in the first place.

    In any case, I’ll continue to use GF for this purpose in the meantime… It just seems redundant since Buddyboss Inbox is so close to meeting this need.



    Here’s something that I’m surprised isn’t a thing already…

    I’ve been looking for a way to send a message to all students enrolled in a particular course. Such communication would be useful for making course-specific announcements – and since private messages in BP also trigger email notifications, they would get noticed by students more effectively than a forum or activity post.

    In Social Learner, these students would all be part of the same BP group, and I figured there would be a whole bunch of plugins out there for mass-messaging BP group members, but not so much. There is a plugin by WPMU DEV that does this, but I won’t use their products – I’ve found them to be bloated with intrusive, branded back-end components that I don’t want on my site.

    Anyhoo, there aren’t many options out there for sending the same message to all members of a group, and I think that would be really useful.

    What do you think, BuddyBoss?


    Actually, I did find this. It seems to work, although I haven’t tested it fully yet and there are plenty of complaints in the support thread. I think BuddyBoss could do it better. Maybe as part of BuddyBoss Inbox?


    Redirect learner if not authorized to a selectable page.
    I’m using Social Learner with Learndash and the free Paid membership Pro plugin – apart from echoing the ‘please test fully – together’ comments made earlier – I would like to know if there is any way you folks can provide us with some simple checking and redirection for courses.

    What I prefer is that if a site visitor – who has not logged in – tries to access a topic or lesson that requires some form of membership based authorization – they can be redirected to a separate page or popup that informs them of the obvious – even just to the login page would be fine. At the moment nothing happens. No message, no notification at all – they are bounced back to the Course page. I don’t know where this sits between L/D and S/L but thought I’d ask here.


    Something else I’d love to see:

    Buddypress private messaging is great. Buddyboss Inbox makes it even better. I use the feature to communicate with students and it works beautifully.

    Ideally, however, I’d prefer that messaging worked only between students and teachers (or admins), not between students and other students. What teacher wants their students passing private notes to each other in class?

    An option to restrict messaging to work only between teachers and students would be a perfect fit for a teaching site.


    Add a “Reviews” Tab to the course menu.

    Using the course page as the primary “sales” page for logged-out visitors has a lot of advantages over the Woocommerce product page – the course video is available right there in the header, the list of modules and lessons is prominently displayed, and the “Purchase this Course” button is right where it should be. Add some sidebar content and there’s a lot to present to would-be purchasers.

    There’s just one thing missing: reviews. The Woocommerce product page displays reviews prominently, but there aren’t many good ways to present them on the course page. Adding a “reviews” tab to the course menu that would be accessible to logged-in and logged-out visitors alike would solve this problem, and integrate student testimonials into the course content.

    Something like that would be slick.


    +1 for Better Buddyboss Inbox integration. I really like the idea of ““compose message” window option available on the Lesson page itself so the student doesn’t leave the page in the first place.” by @davejay

    +1 “sending the same message to all members of a group” – Perhaps have a look at http://www.buddydev.com. He has some pretty cool plugins although the design leaves much to be desired, response time and helpfulness is really top-notch 🙂

    +1 “user who has not logged in and tries to access a topic or lesson that requires some form of membership based authorization is redirected to a separate page or popup that informs them to log in.” Perhaps this can be achieved by modifying bp-custom.php or functions.php but will need to be checked out by developers.

    BuddyPress private messaging is not required for me but perhaps add it as an option inside Buddyboss Inbox plugin.

    For reviews, I recommend you to take a look at https://wordpress.org/plugins/gd-rating-system/

    BTW I recommend BuddyBoss to keep these forums open for further discussions. I have noticed that you plan to close them!

    Best regards,


    I get error on h5p plugin with social learner. complete button does not work. Anyone experienced that as well?


    What is the status for this? How to create a group leader, can someone post instruction here?


    @mln83 I love ALL your ideas for social learner, I just wanted to show some appreciation for the thoughtful suggestions you’ve contributed. I’ve attempted some of these and completed a few. Your post re: Beaver Builder and Social Learner is what landed me on the rest of your posts. Have you made progress independently with any of your suggestions and if so are there any insights you might be able to share? I’m focusing on the Teacher/Student front-end dashboard- which I think is essential for a usable solution, especially with the advances some other lms themes have made in the past few years. Anyway, I wanted to say hello and thanks, here if you want to talk shop on the tech. cheers Nik

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