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    Can't really find a font icon with text “Login”. I want to simply have the word “Login” as icon. How to solve this?



    I'd like this too please. Or at least could you guys replace the icons you have for both log in and register as my users are struggling to understand what the icons mean. They don't really shout at your LOG IN and REGISTER 😉
    Many thanks,


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    Hi @johnnetr, @conscious-crafties,

    You can change/update text or icon in your child theme. You will need to copy header-user-links.php and paste in your child theme under template-parts folder.

    Hope this helps you.



    Hi @sagar,

    I can't see where the log in and register icons are I'm sorry – could u direct me?

    Also for example (used search icon as I can't find the log in/register)

    <div id="header-search" class="search-form">
    		<?php echo get_search_form(); ?>
    		<a href="#" id="search-open" class="header-button boss-tooltip" data-tooltip="<?php _e( 'Search', 'onesocial' ); ?>"><i class="bb-icon-search"></i></a>

    If we wanted to change the icon to another icon or text do we just change the bit in “” here <i class="bb-icon-search"> – Sorry I'm not as clever as u guys.

    Also if I want to use another icon do I upload it into my media library and just add the title of the image within the “” or the url?

    Many thanks,



    Hi @johnnetr,

    Copy header-user-links.php from parent theme to child theme on same path onesocial-child/template-parts/header-user-links.php.

    On line no. 15


    <a href="#" class="login header-button animatedClick boss-tooltip" data-target="LoginBox" data-tooltip="<?php _e( 'Login', 'onesocial' ); ?>"><i class="bb-icon-exit"></i></a>


    <a href="#" class="login header-button animatedClick boss-tooltip" data-target="LoginBox" data-tooltip="<?php _e( 'Login', 'onesocial' ); ?>">Login</a>



    Hi @anve,

    I think this may be because I have User Blog, but my line 15 does not contain the login header button on line 15 in onesocial-child/template-parts/header-user-links.php (see screenshot) 🙂

    Also, u very kindly showed me how to add a heart icon to my title bar. When users aren't logged in and click my heart icon to go to their favourites page they are taken to a 404 page. Is there a way to make this friendlier?


    Many thanks,



    Hi @conscious-crafties ,

    Please can you take the reference of the provided code and find in your header-user-links.php . You can use any good Editor for this purpose i guess.




    Hi @conscious-crafties, Please attach a full screenshot of your editor so we can point out at which line you need to do required changes.

    For heart icon button:

    you can apply conditional logic for logged-in and logged out user:

    if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
        echo 'Your code for logged-in users';
    } else {
        echo 'your code for logged-out users';



    Hi @Pallavi the code worked! 🙂 Any idea how to put a class on the “Login” so I can customize it from “Custom Codes” on WordPress backend.


    Hi @johnnetr ,

    Please tell me what kind of customization you need to make on the login button . Will provide you css for that .Also you can customize the button by yourself using the following code .

    #masthead #header-aside .login {


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