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    Hi there,

    One more question for today : I'm pretty disappointed about the registration page looks.

    I've tried to find YOUR template on buddyboss demo…but no registration page is showned…

    Have you any suggesiton to improved it ?
    This should be one of the top looking & flexible page to maximize conversion.

    Looking forward to hear from you.




    Perhaps BuddyBoss can get some inspiration for a more modern registration page here:

    Including an option for “User must Agree to Terms and Conditions” – more professional IMHO – see attached image.

    Best regards,


    Little up for @anve who seems to be a pretty good help for all CSS & customization matters 😉


    Hi @jeffghost,@mln83
    I have included it our suggestion list , we will discuss on it with frontend developer to make it look better.

    Varun Dubey


    Hi @vapvarun,

    Thanks, that would be great. It means a lot for conversion.

    I would also recommend you to take a look at: http://buddydev.com/plugins/bpdev-username-availability-checker/

    It is a problem for users when they sign up and their username is already taken.

    Best regards,


    Hi @vapvarun

    Thx for the feedback, looking to see this feature in a future realease.

    And +1 to @mln83 idea, i've almost bought the plugin from them….It's a must have feature.

    Thx a lot.



    Buddydev offers the plugin for free – so you can download it at free will. I've just downloaded it myself and must say its a must-have! Would be awesome if this feature could be implemented by Boss devs so we do not need to use a out of date plugin.



    Jup it's a free plugin. Their support (Brajesh Singh) is very helpful. He even updated another free plugin (BP Username changer) so I could use it on my site. I have bought one of their premium BuddyPress plugins as well…
    Very recommendable 🙂


    Hi @jeffghost @mln83

    Including plugin specific all functionality inside the theme is not suggested if we have easy solution with plugin, no need to hard code them inside the themes.
    Varun Dubey


    Thanks a lot @mln83 for the feedback, i think i'll buy the “buddypress ajax registration form” then + grab the free ones too 🙂


    Hey, does someone know how they get rid of the “name” profile field ?

    I check and it's wordpress + buddypress behind this site. Wonder how they does this… if someone got any advices 🙂

    cc @vapvarun & @mln83 & @rickh (I've downloaded lot of buddydev plugins, works like a charm)

    Thanks guys.


    Hi @jeffghost,

    I think the Name profile field is normally required but you can check it out in “Profile Fields”. How is it working out with the AJAX extension?

    Btw @vapvarun is it possible to add text to the registration page? I would like to add something like:
    “You can also register through one of the popular social networks” to http://imgur.com/6wbckAq

    Best regards,


    Hey @vapvarun I show on the buddyboss showcase this site : https://studentlounge.ie/

    Their modal login + registration is PERFECT !!!

    Did you work on this ? Or is the client made it on their behalf ?

    @mln83 The registration modal is pretty classic and for now i've haven't see any option on it to activate/desactivate anything. I've post a support request on buddydev forum. I'll see and give you any valuable feedback 🙂

    Thx alot for your time.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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