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    Ive been messing with this for days on end, day and night now trying to get the theme to function and look as it does on the demo… Ive checked multiple times to make sure its the correct demo for LearnDash.

    One of the biggest problems is the courses in the Course Grid.

    On the demo you have a Play button on Hover, you have the course creator picture show up on hover and more.

    It took me days just to get it to have the correct width like this…


    I had to make it a 1 column shortcode… Otherwise it was 1/2 the width as the see more button.

    But I want it too look like it does on the Demo. As I do with everything else. There are so many things that just dont get explained. I gotta be honest, its been a lil frustrating.

    My site is http://www.TrafficFormulas.com

    Im working so hard to get the site simply to to a place where its just ready to be a site and all it needs it content and members

    Please can you help me.




    Hello Kevin ( @kevindasilva ), It could be due to Learndash course Grid plugin, please make sure you do not have activated learndash course grid plugin, Our theme itself have course grid codes.
    Shortcode for the course Grid is [ld_course_list order=”ASC”]



    Awesome Varun, that worked perfect! That addon was screwing it up! So pumped right now!


    Hey @kevindasilva, Glad it solved, I will close this thread.
    Varun Dubey


    Why isn't information like this in the documentation? It takes a lot of guesswork. All we have for the LearnDash Social Learner solution are two overview videos… We need more. Hire a contract technical writer to put together detailed documentation on how to configure the solution like the demo.



    Hi @creativediego, Sorry for the inconvenience…please let me know if you have any issue I will help you to configure and resolve them.

    We are already working on 1 click demo installation that will be released in coming 2-3 weeks.

    If you need a quick installation set-up you can request for it through our contact us page: https://www.buddyboss.com/contact/



    I just purchased and installed the product. Can I have the demo imported by contacting support?



    Hi @creativediego, You can make a request for demo setup at @buddyboss.com">support@buddyboss.com



    Hi I have a question about this shortcode:

    [ld_course_list order=”ASC”]

    Is there a list of shortcodes like this somewhere?

    I want to have different pages on my site that have grid options like this where people can click on to different types content.

    This code works for my courses, but I want another page for webinars.

    How would I change the shortcode to make that work?



    Hi @braziliangringo
    [ld_course_list order=”ASC”] is Learndash specific shortcode and defined inside Learndash plugin
    Please discus on this with their support.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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