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    Hello BuddyBoss team,

    I have just installed your theme and made some settings. This is what I have not found / problems:

    1. I am missing the admin bar on top to easily edit pages and lessons, and the edit link isn't always there. Unfortunately the many lessons make it difficult to find the right one for editing in the backend. So I am publishing everything privately for writing and navigate from the front end. Can I force the admin bar?

    2. Is there no customizer for simple font adjustments like size of body text and H1-H6? Do I have to do that in Custom CSS? Interestingly, the font of the normal body text is larger in the lessons than on the service pages, although I have written them with the same formatting. I think the normal text should be as large as in the lessons everywhere.

    3. I have put thinking and doing exercises right into the lessons and highlighted them by some sort of background. In WooThemes I used info boxes, similar to the notices from WooCommerce. Do you have any equivalent? Or do you suggest to go with a generic html/div background command? Alternatively I could imagine to reserve the H5 + H6 for colored headings indicating exercises (back to formatting fonts) …

    4. The Boss for Sensei plugin, what does it? I have seen it creates cards in the my courses overview, anything else? I may prefer the list style on the my courses page because my titles are long – if I get rid of the original Sensei styles.

    5. I am only beginning to get familiar with BuddyPress and bbpress. How is this meant that with BuddyBoss for Sensei I create a group for learners of a course and then an additional forum for them? Where do I make these settings to associate a course with a group and then the group with a forum?

    My understanding is that forums only contain active posts while the group and activity streams can also contain system notices like “Tom has complete the lesson on …”, is that correct? How do I ensure that the discussion gets not dispersed, particularly if – in a consulting context – the knowledge of several courses goes into working on a practical business project? Could I use groups for course-related discussions and forums for more complex, practical management discussions?

    6. In the people's profile pages, where do the background images come from. Can every user edit that?

    7. Do you see a way to create a homepage with a one-pager look-and-feel without a page builder? Which of your templates would I choose to start, if I want to do this text-editor based? Do you have shortcodes for columns or background etc.?

    That's it for now.

    Thanks a lot in advance for some assistance this week.


    p.s. Website is




    8. I'd like to repurpose the BuddyPannel on the left for service/shop links as the user links are on the right side anyway. But the menu and submenu is too narrow to contain exact terms like “management innovation” or “organization and people development” (or “organization development”), even in English. Consequently, it will be impossible to shorten that to something exact and meaningful in German, French or Italian (my other websites). How can I make the submenu wider?


    I can't answer all these questions, Nicole, but I can tell you this: The wordpress toolbar is not supported in the boss theme. See the discussion here.

    Feature request for the Buddyboss team: Make the wordpress toolbar accessible in the boss theme, at least for admin users.




    9. In logged out mode there is no BuddyPanel (left) or login link (right), just the titlebar. Can I activate them to give buyers a sense of what they will find on the website when they become part of the learning community?
    (And to have more menu options because the dropdown submenues in the titlebar, as shown in one tutorial, do not work in my installation – I can only produce menu items in the titlebar, no submenu items.)

    It would be great at this point to get some input from the BuddyBoss team.


    The top menu doesn't support sub-menu items. You can see that discussion here.



    Thank you, David.

    10. Where is the order of menu items in the profile links in the content area determined? It has a different order in my 4 blogs. And I would like to put the courses more in front and not disappearing behind the “…”



    re. 10. Sorry, forgot to install BuddyPress for Sensei on my German, French and Italian blog. Menu items for courses are there now. And I realize I have another plugin to translate in three languages and safe the translations files at every update. And that although it contains the same strings as Sensei. 🙁



    re. 8 I have bended management terms to an extent now that it does not really transfer the intended meaning like changing “business model design” to “business models” or “organizational and people development” to “organization” etc. But still there are some words in German, French and Italian that would require a longer menu, at least maybe a hidden overflow until the end of the box. For updates it might be a good idea to offer additional fonts like Open Sans Condensed and offer an extra customization in the Customizer for Menu items and Submenu items.



    11. If I wanted the same big titles as in posts on a page, how would I do that? Is there a template included or could I achieve this with this heading plugin that you suggest somewhere?

    p.s.: Is this purely community based support, or is there BuddyBoss staff around here, too?



    One thing that disturbs me extremely and that I need resolved urgently is the different font sizes:

    Body font size in general: 14px (too small)
    Body font size in Sensei lessons: 18px (too big)

    Where can I set the font size for both to 16px?
    Where is the different font size coming from anyway?



    Just trying to fish out the proper element to change CSS for post/page text only and … it effects almost everything on the theme! You can't be serious. I feel like ported back in time 10 years when I had to dig deep into the CSS file to make some font changes.



    Hi @nmschaller ,Sorry It was huge list this took time from which point i have to start. I am posting my response point by point.
    1) Admin bar is modified and used to generate Right Dropdown options for buddypress and quick dashboard options
    you can add Edit post link via some small customization at two location in the header.php, you can copy your header.php to child theme

    <?php global $post;
                                                      if ( is_singular() ) { ?>
                                                <a href="<?php echo get_edit_post_link($post->id) ; ?>"><?php _e( 'Edit This', 'boss' );?></a>
                                                <?php } ?>


    <a href="<?php echo admin_url('plugins.php'); ?>"><?php _e( 'Plugins', 'boss' );?></a>

    2) Font Sizes are included in customizer at present, you will need to add your custom font sizes inside the custom.css of the child theme

    3) We have used ” Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress ” to decorate them, i will mail you now those plugins you can easily use theme to decorate your content. Hopefully that will be added all orders shortly or might be added.

    4) Boss sensei plugin contains the template files for the sensei.
    Course Leaner template files ,Course Results template files , Single Quiz template files , Single Course template files and other buddypress related sensei template for widgets and sidebar

    5) When you create a group forum will be associated it with it and you can link that group to course. No need to create additional forums for it. Notices are different than the forums activities , “Tom has complete the lesson on …”, is group activity.

    6) At people’s profile, we call it as Cover image and all members can upload new one as well, else they will get some from default one.

    7) It will be quicker if you use Visual Composer

    8) BuddyPannel have proper width for regular menus and long menu name could disturb the design, you can make submenu more wider using custom css.

    9) You can enable buddypanel from customizer settings for the logout users.



    re. 2) Don't understand what you mean – are font sizes manageable via the customizer or only via CSS? I have clicked through everything in the customizer, can't find any font size.

    I have done some changes to CSS with a single CSS Editor, but it has side effects changing parts of the theme that I do not want to change.

    Please provide specific instructions on how to change the body, H1-H4 font for the pages/posts content only.

    As I have mentioned in my email, the different font sizes in the post/pages and in the Sensei course area are disturbing. They make the theme look cobbled together. In the meanwhile I have decided to go with 18px for text and 14px for widgets.

    It would be great if you could add some customization for that soon.



    re. 3. + 7 Visual composer for homepage: I had a bad experience with a bootstrapping-based page builder. I saved the page a second time before the content was loaded in all boxes – and the entire one-pager homepage was gone! What is your experience?


    Hi @nmschaller please add them to your custom css for body and course font

    body, p {
      font-size: 16px !important;
    .single-course .entry-content p, .single-course .entry-content ul {
     font-size: 16px !important;

    Varun Dubey

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