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    So when Frontend Course Creation is active my Upload button disappears!
    Any ideas???



    I also have FCC installed. I have been in continous contact with wisdm labs who created the plugin and they have already pushed 2 new versions (correcting various bugs) based on my feedback.

    Perhaps if you clarify what ‘Upload' button disappears and how to reproduce it?
    You can also choose to report the problems you are facing here:

    Front End Course Creation for LearnDash

    (Click ‘Support' and describe the problem)

    Best regards,


    Thankyou Michael!

    I did report the issue, so maybe it will get worked out! I was just hoping there was an easy fix.

    The issue occurs when Front End course is activated..ANY page that has an upload button for a lesson ..the button disappears! Any Ideas?



    Hi @mln83, Thanks 🙂

    Hi @edtechbadges, Please send the plugin file from our contact us page along with the thread url I will check that.



    Thankyou @pallavi! I completed the request! Much appreciated!

    HElp..im trying to delete the file I attached to this on accident!! EK ATTENTION ADMIN..Could you Pretty please delete the file I attached..I Did not mean to attach it..& I don't wait to get into trouble! Thankyou



    Thanks I will check that and get back to you..


    @pallavi Much appreciated!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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