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    @michael @tjchester can you implement a built in feature for BuddyBoss so that admins and users can edit activity updates and comments without going to wp-admin?

    I've built a website towards more user generated content rather than content generated from its authors and editors. You can take a look here. Filtered the activity stream to show only updates, comments and posts so having inline front-end edit ability for updates and comments for admins or for both users and admins would be pure GOLD.

    There's this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-edit-activity-stream/ but it's crap, old and abandoned. It doesn't work.

    Do you think you can add this to the next release?





    Thanks for your feedback here. That sounds like a pretty cool feature. It's in my list of things to look into down the line.

    It will not make it into the next release. Next release will be out before the end of the week, which has a focused set of updates already defined. We have some higher priority items to get to (things that many people request) before we can move on to smaller things like this. You are the first person to suggest this as far as I know, so it's realistically not a top priority item just yet.


    Fair enough. Thanks for reply! Looking forward for this.


    Hi, I would also vote for this feature! It would be really helpful if you could edit your contribution in the activity stream.




    I was able to locate a plugin to allow front-end editing of a users own comments “BuddyPress Edit Activity Stream” This may work for you until it can be added to this great product


    We definitely need this. I was so happy when FB implemented this. I'm an English professor. You can imagine how embarrassing it is for me when I post silly mistakes to my students. And for them, it's crucial for obvious reasons.

    I'm using the BuddyPress Edit Activity Stream plugin on another older BP site and it works fine. On the BP Buddyboss site, it works but it needs redesigning. I haven't tested it extensively, though.

    Love the theme. Thanks to the Buddyboss team for making my life easier.


    @cwilliams as you can see in OP I already wrote about that plug-in. It's old, it's crap and last time I tried it doesn't work with the latest version of BP.


    I tested the plugin yesterday with bb 3.1.4, wp 3.8.1 and bp 1.9.2 and it basicly works. But I think, it need a bit of recoding. Comments to an activity are not yet supported.
    Mandatory requirement is that the site for the Activities resesrves the slut “activity” (default).


    +1 on this request, my members have been begging for the ability to edit their posts. Thanks for all of your hard work!


    Hi guys,

    a definite +1 from my side for this. I've built a new site which goes online next weekend, and i do exactly know what the users will be asking first … 😉



    Hi @icepin @johappel @professormerryman @marketfiremediaGood @jacotec

    Great news 🙂

    Please have a look at this brand new plugin: BuddyPress Editable Activity

    Kind regards


    Looking for this as well. The BP Editable Activity plugin pops up HTML to edit. This is not going to work for most audiences in a social space, that don't know HTML.

    Anyone have other solutions?

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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