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    Maybe for the next version of buddyboss wall

    So, i couldn't translate “posted an update” on activity.

    But in my mind, it's maybe difficult for you to make wall plugin easy to translate

    Without buddyboss wall, we have “member's name posted an update”
    With buddywall, we have “you posted an update” or “member's name posted an update”, so always “posted an update

    But in french, and maybe in other langage, we need “you avez publié une note” and “member's name a publié une note”

    So, it's an information for buddyboss team for the next version! 😉

    Sadly, i give up buddyboss wall for the moment…



    Hi @yann!

    you are not gonna believe it, but i posted about the same subject yesterday.

    i have been struggling with this for months, and hopefully now that there are other languages involved,
    @michael and @tjchester will think of a better solution then manually changing wall-hooks.php
    read this thread, where i also recap how we solved it so far



    Hello @milena!

    I see your post yesterday, but i don't speak english, and i'm newbie in web devloppment, so, i'm not sure that yesterday, you speak about the same issue.

    I found yesterday some sentences in wall-hooks.php, but i was not sure about modify it.

    So i try your solution this afternoon, thank you!


    Hi @yann 🙂

    So you have to open wall-hooks.php (it is in wall plugin includes) and search with CTRL -F fot the first lines and replace them with the second. Problem is, this file can't be saved in child theme and is frequently updated.

    Good luck and let's wait to see what the buddyboss team comes up with.


    any news on this one @tjchester?


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @milena @yann forwarded to devs


    @yann are you still waiting for a solution?


    @tjchester, @michael


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    No update, sorry.


    as i translated this plugin in French today and provide it in for the next release, i also have a solution for other translations… I had to provide such a solution for vBulletin in the past, so it's not a problem for me.

    we have a substitution code to add, instead of new sentences… a shortcode-like dummy code: [you:userid] … so it's easy to add in a sentence, and it gives the flexibility of a complete switch: when encountered, it tells if the reader is userid or not… using the right word then… (you or username based on userid)

    there is a lot of phrases on this plugin that are impossible to translate in latin vs germanic languages, due to sentence structures… this switch is the best solution… but it will require to redo the phrases in a simplier structure. even the one used in Buddypress is too complicated. 🙂


    Thanks @jeanpierre!
    So i'm waiting about the next release…


    We added “you posted an update” as a translatable string. Now you guys will have two string to translate “you posted an update” and “posted an update”

    Also, we are packaging Jean Pierre's latest translations.


    Ok!! many thanks @michael!


    Doesn't work for me…

    @jeanpierre y a-t-il une manipulation à faire?

    J'ai toujours “vous a publié une note” ou “vous a écrit sur le mur de”

    et, je l'ai corrigé, mais il y a un “par” en trop “vous a écrit sur le mur de Par username”

    Merci d'avance!


    et j'ai aussi remplacé “intimité” par “confidentialité” et “Aime”, par “J'aime”. en tout cas, merci pour le boulot @jeanpierre!

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