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    Hi, pleased to see the recent updates corrected the catastrophic problems we were experiencing with the updated version of Sensei 🙂

    On the course listing page, though, the formatting is not as beautiful as it once was. Now, it's got the course description showing under the course image / price etc. It's true on my site as well as on your demo.

    Are there plans to get that back to how it was?





    Actually solved this myself – Sensei 1.9+ deprecated the shortcode [new_courses] which was what my site used – and your demo is currently using. There's an explanation of the new shortcodes here: https://docs.woothemes.com/document/sensei-shortcodes/

    When I replaced [new_courses] with [sensei_courses] it displayed how it used to.

    Also, for anyone in the same boat as me: at first it seemed the shortcode limited you to displaying 10 courses. I have more than that. The shortcode says the “number” parameter defaults to infinity, but it doesn't. If you add it in like this: [sensei_courses number=”90″] it will display up to 90 courses. It should do that by default but doesn't (yet, perhaps that will be addressed by Sensei later).

    You can now mark this as closed 🙂 Although you might want to update your demo.





    Hi @familybudgeting, Thanks for your input as it will help others too.



    Hi! I just installed Sensei in a fresh WP site without Boss + Social learner, and all the new Sensei's shortcodes worked correctly. So I figured that some plugin was causing this bug, after some testes it seems that “Boss for Sensei” is the one! I Tried to disable and the shortcodes seems to work now, but the layout is broken without the plugin 🙁

    Hope the team can fix this soon!!!


    I can confirm some issue with Boss for Sensei. In my case, the [sensei_courses] shortcode only displays 2 courses. When I disable Boss for Sensei, all courses display, but without that lovely formatting.


    @davejay Yeah the Boss-Sensei plugin is a hot mess right now, and in theory I can understand why they wanted to go the plugin route. However, in practice, as clearly shown now, it has proven to be a complete and utter disaster because you can't build out the Social Learner theme like it was intended because the styling becomes a hot mess, which makes the Boss child theme “Social Learner” unusable, a waste of money and nothing but bloat. I believe they are working on changing this, but that doesn't help those of us who have already paid for the product and are needing a working solution now.


    @davejay what if you use the shortcode like this?

    [sensei_courses number=”90″]




    Nope, no dice @familybudgeting. Still just 2 courses.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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