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    First off I would like to say this is my favorite buddypress theme and it looks gorgeous. I would buy this theme without a doubt if it had one or two features

    – widgetized footer
    – color picker for various site elements (widgets, body, background, etc.)

    I’m not sure how difficult this would be to do. I am just giving honest feedback on how to make an already great theme stand out even more. Or a couple dark sleek child themes would do = )

    anybody agree?




    ya … nice req.


    Would be interesting to see! I like these ideas.


    Awesome! Hopefully we will see them sometime!



    I’ll talk with Mike to see if we can get these in a near future release.


    Thanks TJ!

    That would really be a game changer for me. A simple color picker for some key elements and a widgetized footer would just be amazing!


    Id really love a customizable footer!


    widgets in footer, agree!


    I’d like to add my vote for this as well:
    – color picker for various site elements (widgets, body, background, etc.) AND navigation menu

    It would be especially useful for the navigation menu. Just having some nice color presets (green, red, orange, blue, etc.) to choose from would be great.

    Because the current navigation menu color is built from a combination of a repeating nav.png file, plus a body_bg.png file that handles both current selection and hover over effects, plus CSS code for hover over and current selection underneath the png files, plus CSS code for the top bottom left right borders, it requires a lot of trial and error and it takes a very, very, very, very long time to change the menu color just once. Even the free Frisco theme has this “select a preset color” feature, and we dumped that theme to use BuddyBoss!

    We only use text links in our footer area, but a multi-column footer widget area would definitely help us improve its layout and presentation.


    This is perhaps the best pure BuddyPress theme on the market especially for introductory users of WP/BP, however the lack of a widgetized footer and/or a custom home page template that would allow for widgets, slider, etc. is a huge disservice to what is otherwise a great theme. The css menu issues are also a challenge.



    @scotm you can add a sidebar on the homepage, but no widgetized footer.


    I’d like to see the ability to define the following:

    Site width
    Sidebar widths
    the ability to move the left side bar information into the right sidebar, for example the area that has:

    Avatar, View My Profile
    Edit My Profile
    Change My Avatar
    Browse Members


    I also would like to see the post thumbnail feature in the activity steam that comes standard with wordpress working with this theme.


    @TJ I can’t understand why the hesitancy to offer a solution for a widgetized footer for this theme. is obviously using a flavour of this theme itself and it has a widgetized footer. What gives?



    @scotm I’m sorry to say bu there are more pressing root theme issue than adding a widgetized footer (which would be an addition)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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