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    Hi folks, bought the theme lately and it’s great! I just have a few feature requests that I’m hoping you would consider for future releases?

    Anyway, here goes:

    1) Posting a photo to the wall can be a little unclear to some users. Once the photo is uploaded it will display below the status box as if it is on the wall -but it is not. The user has to remember to click post. Is there any way you could either make it clearer that they actually have to post the picture to the wall or make it so that they don’t need to click post? It would also be nice to automatically turn large pictures into thumbnails.

    2) A widgetized footer would be great. I’ve seen it suggested somewhere else on these forums.

    3) Option to display the avatars of group admins on the group home page.

    4) Bug fix on group homepage. Text overlapping. Not sure what is causing this?

    5) Option to display more user details in member searches – ideally picking custom profile fields and displaying them in column format ie

    Name……| Groups | Field 1 | Field 2 | etc |[Add Friend]
    Location |

    You mention that you could provide a reference for somebody suitable at developing. Could you please email me contacts for those you think would be suitable to do these?




    …for for topics #1 and #3


    ditto +1 for points 1 and 3.



    What do you guys want with #1 to clarity that users must click post or reduced images with thumbnails?


    Yep pretty much!

    It’s not entirely clear that the user actually has to click “post” for the photo to be uploaded because the preview looks like it actually HAS been posted.

    And the auto-thumbnails would be a HUGE bonus too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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