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    I came across the following blog post which i thought would be great for buddyboss users as it would make the members directory a more accessible and interactive area for social website users.


    If you have a large user base ( i don't at present ) then the members directory area could be classed as being boring, I for one never really use it because it just isn't attractive. Having one column spreads out the users, where as having a 3 or 4 user per row would encourage user interactivity?

    custom members directory

    Would it be possible to have something similar in vs3 of buddyboss?



    While the three column layout is nice, it isn't a good idea to make it default. I customize my user directory with more information, which wouldn't work if it were just avatars. People who use the left or right widget sections on the member page would also see different problems with having three column avatars. If you like this design you can always try to add it yourself, but I don't think it should be default.


    Yeah, best for a child theme. We'll be making those once BuddyBoss 3.0 is out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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