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    Social Learner’s implementation of the excerpt feature and use of the “more” quicktag leaves a lot to be desired.

    boss-sensei -> templates -> sensei -> single-course.php

    Currently, the “single-course.php” template is set up to use either the course’s post excerpt meta box if it isn’t empty or turn it’s post content into an excerpt if it is empty, and place the input in the “course-header” section (lines 64 to 70).

    However, this template is also setup to place the input of the post excerpt meta box below the BuddyPress navigation and above the list of lessons (line 287).

    So, what ends up happening is the excerpt either gets printed twice without the user/student ever getting the opportunity to read the course’s post content, or the content is turned into an excerpt for the course’s header, but the area below the navigation and above the lessons is blank because there is no input in the post excerpt meta box; still leaving the user/student with the inability to read the full content.

    boss-sensei -> includes -> boss-sensei-functions.php

    Now, not having any input in the course’s post excerpt field isn’t necessarily an issue, but it becomes the issue because the “boss_sensei_custom_excerpt()” function in the “boss-sensei-functions.php” file sets the excerpt created from a course’s post content to use a horizontal ellipsis (…) instead of a linked “more” quicktag (line 30), and there is still no way for the user/student to read the full content.

    It is my opinion, that what ever is being printed in the course’s header section, it should not be repeated unless it is providing some value to the user/student.

    So, I have edited and made additions to both the “boss-sensei-functions.php” and the “single-course.php” files to make it where either a manual or auto excerpt will be printed in the course’s header, and if it’s an auto excerpt or a lengthy manual excerpt, then it will have a “more” quicktag linking to the full content below the BuddyPress navigation and above the course lessons. This will also be applied to the “buddypress-group-single.php” template.

    I hope this is another item the BuddyBoss team will be working on improving, so that other customers can benefit.

    Thank you!




    Hi @ammocan, This is a known issue which will be fixed in our next update.



    @familybudgeting It's nice to see I am not the only one displeased with the quality of the code and overall functionality.

    @pallavi Good to hear, especially since I just realized I will need to recode another template because the logged out view of the course pages uses a different template, thus currently has the same issues I corrected with the logged in view of course pages.


    @pallavi I stand corrected, as I was recently looking at an instance where I hadn't applied the changes I made yesterday. After looking at the most current instance, it does seem, that the changes I made yesterday does in fact show up on both the logged in and out views.

    Thank you!



    Great, glad you were able to get this sorted out 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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