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    Thanks TJ. Do you have an estimate of time for when this will be resolved? Maybe a developer on your end that could test to see what in that plugin might be conflicting.




    No idea Jason, sorry.


    On Buddywall 1.0.6 there are not more “likes” or a like count. Only a Favorite button



    I ended up figuring out the issue. Just wanted to let you know. Great plugin!


    @jasonvphase2solutions Thanks for the update. What was the issue?



    On Buddywall 1.0.6 there are not more “likes” or a like count. Only a Favorite button

    Can you elaborate? Not sure I understand.


    @michael sorry my mistake. It was with the plugin inactivated
    However, let me illustrate the problem I am facing with Buddyboss Wall 1.0.6

    Without the Buddyboss wall plugin:
    I am trying to post an update in the main Activity stream but in a Buddypress group (using the drop down list of groups) called Dobbs General and the Group appears but of course one sees the Like as Favorite link

    With Buddyboss wall plugin activated I no longer get to see which group I posted the update in

    and one cannot click on the time stamp (in the illustration above, the “Right now” link is not working

    I tried disabling all but core plugins and it is still the same.


    @palmdoc We’re working on a fix for the Group activity issue. Mostly done.

    Favorite link – I still cannot reproduce.

    Timestamp link issue – Fixed locally, 100% will be in next release.


    We have a patch for “Error getting likes” that will come out in the next release.


    Hello any luck? I am having this issue. Error getting likes.

    I am using the latest version of wordpress, bp, and byddyboss-wall.

    Please help


    I’m having this issue too, even when disabling all plugins except BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Wall. Only happens when logged in.


    I fixed by downgrading 2 versions of the wall plugin. Please fix asap! it is good to be up-to-date 😀


    Just bought and installed this plugin and I am experiencing the same issue: ‘error getting likes’

    WP 4.3.1 / Boss 2.0.3 / Social Learner 1.0.6 / BB Wall 1.2.3

    Any update on resolving this issue?


    Seems to be specific to friends but only when logged in as previously suggested by @acroyes


    Hi @karlos,

    You mentioned the downgrade to a previous version. Which version of the BuddyBoss Wall are you currently running? How is that working out for you?

    Best regards,

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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