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    Any chance to delete the “1 item” displayed on the product category picture on homepage via “collection” widget?
    Reason: the number of items in a category is not important and the word “item” is not translated. (I think the word comes from the woocommerce language file, where it is translated, but in the theme not working).
    Thank you.
    Best regards



    Hi @uwethwp
    Items should be part of language file inside Marketplace plugin.


    Hi @vapvarun,
    You are right – sorry!! I translated it, however, the theme does not recognize the language files.

    The files are named correctly:
    buddyboss-marketplace-de_DE.mo and buddyboss-marketplace-de_DE.po

    I tried the folders:




    And I even added it to the original plugin folder:

    Doesnt work

    thanks for your help



    Hi @vapvarun, Could you please help on where to place (folder path) the translated marketplace language files in order for the theme to recognizes them? Thank you best regards



    Hi @uwethwp, You can also put the language files in wp-content > languages > plugins to preserve your translate files.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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