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    Hi @vapvarun,

    How can I delete the “0 sold” on the sellers page please? The information is in conflict with my privacy policy.

    An in the same step: How can I delete the “3 items” from all category pictures please?

    Thank you and best regards




    Hi @uwethwp, I will have to create function to override the code in child theme..meanwhile you can edit sellers-index.php to remove the “0 sold” from seller page

    Go to Plugin folder > buddyboss-marketplace > templates > sellers-index.php and comment the line no.153

    For Second point, Please attach a screenshot to clear which 3items you are asking..



    Hi @pallavi, thank you. I will execute the above.
    Please see the screenshot attached where I marked the label “items” I would like to get rid of.
    Would be perfect if the size of the white placeholder for “text and item” gets smaller too.
    It destroys the pictures. The picture “sells” while 5 or 10 items don`t make a difference I think.
    Thank you very much!


    Hi @pallavi, I edited seller-index.php – worked fine. However, I still have the “0 sold” in the widgets on front page (featured seller). Whiich template is that?
    Thx and best Uwe



    Hi @uwethwp, Please add this css code in your child theme’s custom css option:

    .bm-f-category .f-cat-des .table-cell {
        padding-top: 8px !important;
        padding-right: 5px !important;
        height: 25px !important;
        font-size: 0 !important;
    .style1 .bm-f-category .f-cat-des h5 {
        font-family: Lato;
        font-size: 12px !important;



    Hi @pallavi,
    I am impressed. Result looks better than expected.
    Very well done. You are a hero!
    Thank you very much & regards, Uwe


    Will edit the seller-index.php not overwirtten when I do update? I have tried to copy it to themes/theme-child/buddyboss-marketplace/templates and change the file but the changes is not showing.


    I copied the file to “…./wp-content/themes/onesocial-child/buddyboss-marketplace/templates”
    Its working perfectly.



    Hi @uwethwp, thanks for your input here 🙂

    , if you still need help with this please let us know..



    @uwethwp thanks for your support, that was what I did but not working for me
    @pallavi, still not working for me. I copied it to themes/onesocial-child/buddyboss-marketplace/templates and change the file but the changes is not showing. I also added the css code above to wp-content/themes/onesocial-child/css/custom.css but still did not work.



    @honeycome Path you should use is: themes/onesocial-child/bb-marketplace/seller-index.php


    Thank you! works now

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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