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    Something I would really like to see, is that it will be possible to customize BuddyBoss 3 a lot more than it is possible now.

    I was thinking about adding a favicon, change the width of the site etc. And also make it possible to customize the frontpage/homepage more.

    And it could be really great if you could add menus to the navigation menu, and remove some of the menus like ( my site, comments etc. ).

    Is that something you could work on?



    To the above post I also have another request. I could also be really great if you could ad a widget area to the both sides of the site. I mean those blank spaces to the right and left. Like somekind of a sticky widget area. And then like i mention above about changing the width of the site, you could make the content wider, and use widgets as sticky widgets in the blank space to the right and left sides. That would really be great.


    I'll support the favicon option. Even if I changed many times in diferent places when I tried doing it in the server files, I never got it work fine, so I ended using the “All-in-one-favicon” plugin just to have a 32x32px picture.

    Thank youuuuu!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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