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    I am using LearnDash. When a learner selects a course he is taken to:


    If then, on that page he clicks on FORUM he goes to the forum page, fine. But if he decides to go back to the course by clicking on the COURSE menu option he is taken to:


    This page contains a sub-set of the information found on the http://domain.com/courses/coursename/ page – there is no course description or the Lessons header.

    This is confusing for the learner. How can I have the COURSE menu item on the pages generated by Social Learner link the learner back to the original course page and not to the experiences page?





    Hi Colin,

    The Social Learner community already notified BuddyBoss about this problem about a month ago. The developers are working on a solution. I guess it is just a question of time before they launch the update. I am personally also looking forward to a solution.

    FYI: Here are some references to the previous related bug reports

    Best regards,


    Hi Michael

    Thanks for the heads-up – I didn't believe I could have been the first as I've been meaning to take a closer look at this for a while. I will visit your link.



    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @icuc @mln83 this issue is being worked on this week. Sorry for the delay. We hope to have an update within a week, 2 tops. If it not fixed within 2 weeks feel free to message me directly and I'll make sure it happens.


    Thanks @tjchester,

    Looking forward to a working solution.

    Best regards


    Agreed. This is the last of the first-round bugs in Social Learner that I want to see fixed before I go live with this theme. Until then, I'm in a holding pattern.


    What's the status on this, @tjchester? I don't mean to seem impatient, but this fix has been “two weeks away” for months now.


    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @icuc the update was released November 16th at 1:30AM. Do you have this latest update version 1.0.5? There is a slight chance you are unable to update manually due to a BuddyBoss.com site error but you should be able to update automatically. Please let me know after you update if things are more clear.


    Sorry, @tjchester. I didn't notice that this is a Learndash thread. I'm using Sensei.

    The issue I'm referring to is referenced here, among other places. Here's a quote from that thread:

    First bug: When I go in one of my courses, I end-up in the “home” tab, and that tab contains the description of the course and the lessons, etc., in fact the exact same content as if I click on the “course” tab. So that seems to be the first bug – 2 tabs are referring to the same content.

    Second bug: once I click on course discussions (or the forum tab), now the home tab contains the group activity.

    Is that normal ? it seems very confusing, that the home refers to 2 different places.

    I agree with the poster that it's confusing. Buddyboss support staff have indicated several times that this behavior will be sorted out in updates, but it's still there. Any thoughts on this?


    Hi @davejay @mln83
    We have discussed about it in our group discussion. We have not finally decided yet what we will be the best way to display course and group page consistent.

    We are planning on it, be sure we will improve it. It is just matter of time to make a new flow for it and display it in better way.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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