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    So I did a lot of research, and Boss was the way to go for what Im doing. You guys will be seeing a lot from me, so I'll start by saying I'm sorry ahead of time. I'll try and be as clear as possible when I'm not sure on terms. Although working with BuddyPress and Child Themes is new to me, WordPress and code in general is not. So to begin, here's a list of the primary objectives in simpler terms, without lengthy explanations (Followed by said lengthy explanations).

    I am using WordPress 4.2.4, Boss, and currently have the Boss Child Theme active.

    1. Change the names of the 8 Boss Color Schemes (Default, Battleship, Royalty, etc)
    2. Change the 4 colors assigned to each color scheme
    3. Automatically change from one color scheme to another at 4AM on a daily basis.

    Anyway, the first thing I need to do is to be able to change the 8 Pre-made Color Schemes that Boss offers. Being completely honest, before purchasing and installing Boss I didn't realize there wouldn't be a full color editor available. That being said, this is something I need to find a solution to before I can even really begin.

    So in my brain, I think there's code somewhere that says “Color Scheme 1 is to be called ‘Default' and consist of colors a, b, c, and d”, and so on and so forth for BattleShip, Royalty, Seashell, etc etc.

    If something like this (or similar) is the case and is possible, may I please be pointed in the right direction to begin modifying these color schemes to match my particular needs?



    That's a great start! Thank you, Varun! 🙂

    However, I still need to know how to go in and change the 8 default color schemes names and colors. A daily color scheme that is relevant to that days “color” is necessary for me.


    that's little complicated, you need to check boss/buddyboss-inc/buddyboss-customizer/buddyboss-customizer-loader.php inside boss theme


    Unfortunately, this has proven to be a harder task even with my knowledge of code. Finding the names of the Color Schemes was simple, but finding and modifying the 4 unique colors that each Color Scheme offers has not been possible.

    As I stated before, I need 7 very distinct color themes that will change daily. Without this base feature, I unfortunately cannot utilize BuddyBoss.

    If any further help can be offered to help me change the Color Schemes, I am open and ready to try. Otherwise, I will need information on how to get my money refunded. Thank you.


    Hey @douglastyler, I have provided you all info you need, it need custom development, you can contact us for custom work request from our contact us page.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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