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    I had a request on how to make one change

    1) When a user is on a profile page, their own or viewing someone's wall, is there a way for the user to click on the add photo button and have it instantly load up to select the files such as the PHOTOS page?

    To explain more. The PHOTOS page where it shows all the photos a user has uploaded on their page, will have a Select Files button. Once that button is selected on Desktop or Mobile, it INSTANTLY lets you choose a file or you can pick if you want to upload a picture, use your photo library on mobile…

    On the profile page, WALL, when you click the Add a Photo Button, it pops up another screen that than tells you to select files, AND THEN you get to select your files.

    I feel the pop up and then have to click the SELECT FILES link is 1 too many steps for a user to upload an image.

    Is there a way that once the user clicks the Add Photo BUtton on the Wall page, that instead of showing a Pop up and THEN clicking Select files, that It acts like the PHOTO Page Add Photo Button and Automatically gets you to where you can select the files you want to upload.

    Images are below to show which buttons I am talking about.

    In short, I would like the Add Photo Button in the WALL page to act like the Add Photo button in the PHOTOS page



    Hi @ryan-valdez, we have discussed same here

    Hopefully in next couple of week we will remove extra lightbox step.
    Varun Dubey


    Was there any word on the progress on this issue? It has been a couple of weeks and I would like an update please



    Hi @ryan-valdez, We are working on a new UI for it and also to display individual image within a new light-box with comment feature in right side, Look for that within the next couple weeks.


    @vapvarun I'm reading lightbox? Is the integral lightbox functionality (for post/pages) near?




    Hi @mth75, not at present we are improving core functionality now.
    We will also focus on that after next couple of weeks.



    I am not really concerned about trying to build a whole UI for photo upload, I just want the button to act like as if I clicked on Select Files, just like the Photo page does. I know thats how it use to work on older versions of the media plugin, where you just click the button and it automatically pops up windows explorer to select a file.


    @ryan-valdez I will add this to the request list. We are pushing an update of the plugin within the next couple days so it will be at least 3-4 weeks before we are able to get around to this.


    Is there any word about removing the extra lightbox step yet? Thanks.


    @tjchester and @vapvarun

    I was looking in the buddyboss media plugin and I can see there are two ways of uploading pics in the photo-class.php file. How can I make the Photo Upload button on a users wall to act the same as the Photos page button? Code for both of those buttons are on that php file. I would like to know what I would need to add to the line of code that handles the photo upload button on Walls


    never mind, i will just wait for a plugin update. Keep up the good work guys.


    Please delete this thread because there is already another topic talking about this. Thank you.


    Hi @ryan-valdez, It is fixed in our development version and we will push updated in next couple of days

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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