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    Actually i installed demo stuff. Then got PaidMembership Pro plugin and some of it is plugins.

    Now i am trying to create membership stuff for the learndash courses with also billing stuf. But could not succeed.

    How can i make social media registration work?
    How can i put selling the course integrate with PMPro and Course Access Manager?
    Do i have to use woocommerce in order to sell courses ?





    Hi @cyberstruggle,

    -> For Social Login:
    Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. requires that you create an external application linking your website to their API. To know how to create this application,Go to WP Social Login setting page and click on “Where do I get this info?” and follow the steps.

    -> Learndash PaidMembershipsPro Integration! watch this tutorial

    Feature-Packed PaidMembershipsPro Integration!

    -> For WooCommerce Integration watch this tutorial:

    How To Sell Courses, Bundles, and Memberships Using LearnDash

    WooCommerce Integration



    Thanks, can i get latest demo please?

    Because i am looking your demo page but i need to look also admin side. Because i dont know how you re sellin stuff and integrate woocommerce etc. How things work. Really stuck and need support on that.



    Hi @cyberstruggle,
    admin demo is not ready yet, Hopefully it will be ready after one week.
    We are preparing admin demo for all our products.
    You can take a look of Boss admin demo for WooCommerce and PM Pro configuration

    Varun Dubey



    Hi @cyberstruggle, I have attached the current demo xml file. Unzip it first and import via WordPress importer.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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