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    header color not changing to custom color when buddy panel set to “hidden for logged out members”.

    Reproduction steps:
    go to customize> titlebar> and change background color for desktops.

    Then go to customize> buddypanel> hide for logged out users.

    Current results:
    When you visit the site as a logged out user, the menu color is not the color you set it to.

    When you visit as a logged in user, the menu color IS the color you set it to.

    Expected results:
    menu color stays the same regardless of login state.




    @m33 Welcome to the BuddyBoss community! I’ll send this to our developers for a fix.


    Any word on this?

    The forums do get a lot of these “send to a developer” responses but then no follow up.

    I know you guys are still working out some bugs so let me know soon.



    @m33, I know exactly what your talking about with the header. Here is a temporary fix until a fix is released in a update. Easy temporary fix, works perfect. Paste this with your desired color in your custom.css.

    .page-template-page-no-buddypanel .header-inner {
        padding-left: 0;
        background-color: #30455c;


    @m33 sorry for the delay, there is/was a huge CSS conflict with some of the templates and it wasn’t really practical for me to fix each one as this could be easily fixed by the devs. But since I’m not sure what the exact issues was I was unable to produce the quick fix for you. I don’t know what was missing if it was never there…you know? I’ll push them some more to make sure this gets resolved sooner than later.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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