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    On some pages on my site, the BuddyPanel menu scrolls with the page, which makes it disappear on longer pages. I'd like it to stay on all pages so that the menu is easily accessible. Is this an intended difference between different pages? All BuddyPress pages (members, forums, activity etc.) have a static BuddyPanel, but the BuddyPanel on this page for example scrolls: http://demo.buddyboss.com/boss/shortcodes/ . Is this an issue with the pages template versus the posts template?




    Deepak BuddyBoss

    @angslycke neither of these pages' menu scrolls for me. However if I decrease the height of my browser then the menu scrolls as designed. Basically if the menu is longer than the page it will scroll automatically. Otherwise it is fixed. It wouldn't be nice to users to require them to scroll the menu separately EXCEPT on mobile, but then the menu is in a slider and a page element within itself. Does that make sense?


    Yes, that does make a lot of sense! Thanks! I have a few submenus on my site and when they're expanded the menu scrolls. Didn't think of that.


    I'm out of Ideas..having the same problem.. Even with the plain fresh installed Boss 1.2.2 and only 1 menu item in the buddypanel. something is wrong on my side. on a clean wordpress it's working fine..
    I even deactivated the Plugins.



    okay, it's not:
    Scrolling on start page, post is fine.


    Hi @snikay
    At your link buddypanel is disabled for log out users please enable it to inspect


    Hm funny thing…it is:


    I created a user:



    Hi @snikay

    I am not clear, nothing seems wrong there

    At present 4 menus are visible which are added by you, you can add more and sub menus as well



    @vapvarun Hi Varun!

    This is strange. On my side it looks like this: Not working on Frontpage, but working fine in post:

    Happens on the following browsers (Mac OS):

    Chrome 46.0.2490.71 (64-bit)
    Opera 32.0
    Safari Version 8.0.7 (10600.7.12)
    Firefox Dev Edition 43.0a2 (2015-10-18)


    @snikay This is the homepage screenshot , i am still getting the all same menu items on all pages.
    I am trying to help but withing getting issue on your website , i am not sure what need to be suggested.
    Varun Dubey


    Yes, the items are correct in this order. but the menu is scrolling with the content.. strange :/
    The four images showing the two stages of “on top of page” and “scrolled down to the bottom of page”.


    I think you can't see the issue, because your browser window is too big. resize your window.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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