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    Hi @michael

    As i love and always say buddyboss was a great platform and i guess the new V3 will be a quantum leap for the buddypress community thanks to you! I just wanted to make a summary for our expectations. Thanks for reading,

    – Photo tagging ( i see that many people loves this idea)
    – Hashtags and Trending Topics Widget (this would really make many buddyboss powered site more active. People loves to see what other people bother about)
    – Auto deleting the uploaded orginal photo and place it with the resized one. So servers may always have space for new user!
    – Some privacy (at my own buddypress community i managed to make profile stream unvisible to unlogged users but an option to hide it from unfriends would be great! Sth like “protect my tweets” concept.
    – I see that like function works better now. It had some bugs and it's nice to see that new version is great!
    – Link sharing like many other social platforms. It would be great to have link share function like activity plus plugin does.
    – Profile background picture options would make users love their own profiles! Or a cover photo maybe like facebook if background photos is not a good idea.
    – A better and customized /activity page filtering for users. At this point of buddypress everyone sees the same activity. Friends or not! There must be a way to filter friends, joined groups activities. I am sure there is one but we don't have it yet.
    – Now as we're going mobile with V3 i am sure members would want to check in. Maybe some css tweaks for current bp check in plugins would do the job.

    Some ideas i alread saw here in this very forum.
    – Reshare function would work great!
    – Who liked and who shared is what people wants to see

    Thanks for reading. I know this is a lot for a theme but you're the only theme developer who is cabaple of creating the perfect buddypress theme.

    At least we may need better compatibility with functional premium buddypress plugins. Or purchase your plugins specially designed for buddyboss platform.

    Best Regards,



    Some nice builtin CSS may make this plugin perfect with buddyboss. Some PHP tweaks if needed of course.

    BuddyPress Activity Privacy

    And i forget to mention randomized photo file names for uploaded photos.



    I'm glad you're excited about BuddyBoss 3. I'm extremely excited.

    I've read through all of your suggestions. Some of them are very good and some are in fact on my list for the future. Particularly:

    • Photo tagging
    • Privacy

    And many other improvements to the Wall and Photos components. After BuddyBoss 3.0 is out I will be converting those components into plugins which I can then update regularly, as you can then update them via the WordPress admin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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