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    Hi guys –

    I'm clicking the “Migrate Changes” button. It did more than 900 initially, but now every time I click the button, it does one at a time. I'm on 972. I have about 2,600 images in the media library, and nearly all of those were uploaded via BuddyBoss Media.

    Does it sound right that it's doing one at a time? Could I actually have to click that button another 2,500+ times?




    @jgwolfensberger I am looking into this further


    @jgwolfensberger @tjchester

    It shouldn't have to, it should be doing large batches, to prevent server query overload for sites with a lot of activity. Not one at a time. We'll look into it.


    @michael – if it would help your team to have admin access/ftp to our site for a look, just let me know 🙂




    It might, please send that info to me as a private message.


    Info sent. If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks!



    @jgwolfensberger a little feedback, the query is based on time/resources. If you are not allotted many server resources by your ISP then it may take more clicks.


    @tjchester – sure that makes sense, but I'm on a high-end Knownhost SSD VPS package with 5gb ram and 24 cores, the SSD-4 package at – and our server utilization averages well under 5%. That shouldn't leave me clicking more than 2000 times and migrating one image at a time should it?

    Is there a way that we could do this directly in the database?

    Thanks man!



    @jgwolfensberger you can try editing the set_time_limit on line 28 of /includes/bbm-migrate.php to 30 or so and see if that makes any difference. Edit the parent theme directly do NOT try to move this file to a child theme.


    @tjchester I'm getting this issue as well. I have hundreds of thousands of images to migrate and I'm stuck doing between 1 and 20 at a time. Changing the set_time_limit did nothing at all. I'm running a high end Linode server so I shouldn't have any issues at all with resource allocation.


    @skyrie please email admin credentials to"> and reference this forum and me.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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