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    I have few problems with this left hand menu as follows:

    1. “My courses” seems to disappear/appear weirdly. When I am viewing some pages, etc. home page, it disappears. It reappears usually when I'm viewing somethign related to courses. How can I make it stick and always appear. Site is suppose to be LMS so it should stay.

    2. On Chrome Browser – the Icon for “My Courses” seems to disappear. It doesn't even showup when you hover over it.

    3. How do I change its colour and not also change the area on the right hand side of the ‘Search' button on the title bar area. I want these to be different colours. I want the whole menu bar to be the same colour, like in the riginal boss theme, and then the buddypanel to be a different colour. Somehow, Social Learner child theme has change this around.

    Thanks. Hope you can help.




    Hi @stratabilityio, Please send a description and admin credentials from our contact us page to check the issue and provide the screenshot for 2nd and 3rd points. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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