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    Hello All,

    We are going to push new updates for Boss today along with Social Learner Sensei addon plugins.

    Please create backup of your site first along with database. Nothing to panic, just to be in safe hands.

    Boss for Sensei 1.0.7 and BuddyPress for Sensei 1.1.1 will work with Sensei 1.9.2+

    Social Learner child theme is no longer required, Current users can keep it as it is.

    All Social Learner ( for both Learndash and Sensei ) child theme related functions are part of Boss theme. You are free to keep your customization inside SL child theme or your own child theme for Boss.

    BadgeOS related css are part of Boss theme now, It will work with Boss, Social Learner Sensei and Social Learner Learndash.

    If you have any queries or concern, Please Let us know from our contact us page.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Varun Dubey



    That sounds like progress, Varun! Looking forward to it 🙂


    Thanks for letting us know Varun! 🙂


    Hello @vapvarun tests immediately, will.
    one more question, is compatilibe with BuddyPress 2.5.0?



    @vapvarun Thank you!


    Hi @vapvarun,

    Just some quick feedback on Boss 2.1.2:

    On Groups Directory / Members Directory / Sitewide Activity pages it now says “test” in title bar and favicon seems to be missing (I have a png image as favicon don't know if that will do anything?).

    See attached photo for details.

    Best regards,


    Fixed it by deactivating Social Learner Child theme (1.0.6).

    I guess we just need to copy/paste any custom.css, menu & widget structure to Boss or create Boss Child theme?

    Best regards,


    @vapvarun In the little amount of time I have spent with the new updates, here are the things I noticed:

    I still need to use the social-learner theme in order to get the styling needed to reflect the same styling presented with the social-learner theme.

    I still need to get rid of the “public function boss_edu_overide_sensei_courses_template()” found in boss-sensei -> includes -> main-class.php, in order for the BuddyPress pages/content to appear.

    The “in progress” notification on the lesson collapse bars is on top of the expand arrow.

    Again, these are just the few things I instantly noticed. I will be sure to report any other issues I come across once I am able to spend more time with the new updates.


    A few immediate issues after update:

    1. Cover images were not displayed after update. They were switched on at the theme settings level but did not show up. I switched them on the the buddypress settings level and they showed up again.
    2. Social links are not displaying. Settings on the theme settings page are not even registering that options are available. It looks like a slider upload section (see image below).
    3. Site name in page tab in browser displays test with no favicon (see image below).
    4. Wrong directory specified for learndash.css stylesheet. Directory and file appear in new Boss template directory it is just called improperly in the head – it is still looking for it in the Social Learner child theme. (see Image below).

    That is all I've seen so far. Thanks for moving everything into one theme. This vastly simplifies building templates for my custom post types.



    I just tried to create a new child theme for the few modifications that I created for Social Learner (to see if that would fix the favicon + “test” title issue mentioned above). I followed this procedure:

    1) I downloaded boss-child from My Downloads, here on the site.
    2) Included modifications (basically custom.css + 1 php file)
    3) Uploaded to site.

    I get
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function boss_get_option() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/boss/header.php on line 29

    Has the boss-child theme package has been updated to reflect changes in Boss 2.1.2?

    Best regards,


    Now I have discarded the child theme completely (greatly simplifying workflow) and this also solves the favicon / title issues. Possibly also a more stable solution in the longer run in case you make major changes to the Boss/SL theme?

    I have inserted all my custom CSS into BuddyBoss -> Custom Codes.
    It's about 230 lines of code right now so I don't know if that's too much to input into ‘Custom Codes'?

    What's the recommended maximum before I should consider creating a child theme instead?


    I'm sorry, I'm confused
    apply all updates to my site and still have the same problem.

    Every time active “boss for sensei” breaks my subject and not show anything more than the menu.

    Even did a clean install in a directory to check and have the same fault.

    please help.


    @mln83, I just set up the child theme and it's working fine here…


    Hi @conferenciaslm, Please deactivate all your plugin once activated
    BuddyPress For Sensei
    Boss for Sensei

    rest of your plugins
    If it still do not solve your issues, Please send your site login details from our contact page, I will check your site.


    Hi @vapvarun

    I had to update the Boss for sensei and Bp for sensei plugin to the latest version. (Boss theme too.)

    and Sensei, Bp latest version also.

    But the problem is still wide. – Do not look at the contents in all BP pages. It seems only post comments…

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