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    I have no option to set a member type to a role. Do I need a membership plugin to activate this option.

    I currently use WPFront for role management.





    Hi @falconslife,

    Member type selection is available inside each member type you are going to define, and it will allow you to map with any user role you will have.


    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun, I have the same problem and I cannot see that option. I am using Members Types 1.0.1 As well in the admin menu there is no options for import or export.

    See screenshots attached.

    Any advice?



    Hi @maurizio
    Please update the plugin, Version 1.0.2 contain import functionality
    = 1.0.2 =
    * New – Import existing member types
    * New – Assign WordPress roles to member types
    * New – Hide member types completely from Members Directory
    * New – Require member type selection in Registration Form
    * New – Set default member type in Registration Form
    * New – Remove member type selection from Registration Form

    Varun Dubey


    where do i get version 1.0.2? i also need to assign wordpress roles to members


    Never mind. Upgrade appeared in my WordPress Admin.

    However, the plug in mentioned working with Paid Membership Pro. How do I get my existing members with PMP to get a member type with this plug in? Without manually updating 8000 members



    Hi @migeyedev
    Next version is ready to be pushed in next couple of days.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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