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    Hey guys guess what got another bug for you!!
    I'm unable to delete albums, even as admin I can't delete my own albums……and this is what we get for paid plugins??




    Growing pains, every update brings new problems and clearly not tested (well enough).

    I contacted the BuddyBoss guys frequently. Sadly on this moment there QA seems less important then quickly developing new products. The biggest problem for me is that they won't see the facts (at the moment) and hence do not act accordingly.



    These are not growing pains, this is just laziness! They have been going for years, I originally found buddyboss when they first arrived on the market scene with their original theme, everything was fantastic then, with support issues being fixed and replied to in a very efficient and timely manner.
    They have since started pushing products and themes left right and centre at the expense of any sort of decent support. I have noticed they have also outsourced support with the original devs only jumping in on posts like this.

    I waited a full 5 days for a response to a critical issue on a plugin that cost $79 or £55 in my money, which isn't cheap, me and another customer had the same issue of people not being able to send or reply using this script, which made it useless, now the only time I or the other customer got a response is when I requested a refund on all plugins that I have purchased, why pay for plugin support when the support staff ignore your questions or reports of bugs? Please note they can't replicate the issue so in their minds there is nothing to fix.

    I have seen some questions from other members go unanswered for a long period of time. I usually jump in to give my thoughts on the issues being unanswered but I'm no developer.

    I have since stopped using their themes and jumped ship and using the Kleo theme, I only use their plugins as they are now a set feature on my website, as soon as an alternative comes along I will be gone!


    I hope you are wrong, I really do. It has gotten to the point that in the moment I'm not willing to invest in a new theme without the chance of proper testing (which there isn't). I think @michael should read this thread.

    You are right btw how things where in the past, just perfect, and quite the opposite from the current situation. And indeed, buying VERY expensive plugins or themes which are bug ridden and which take ages before they are solved gives a very nasty feeling.

    I hope they get there act together and start listening to there customers like they used to do, in the moment, they don't.


    Tom Cheddadi

    Hi Everyone, @mth75, @jerseypeeps,

    I am sorry to hear about these issues.
    I totally understand your frustration and trust me I am just as frustrated.

    These issues you're referring to have been fixed for a week now and just have not been released.
    This is not laziness, but an issue with our current process, which we are working on solving.
    Trust me, I'm just as disappointed as you are with our team in charge.

    Thanks for your patience, we're doing our best to fix our process as soon as possible.


    Tom Chedd.
    Owner and Manager, BuddyBoss


    Hi @tomchedd, @jerseypeeps

    Thanks for your explanation. I guess only the future will tell. But I would like to point out that there is a significant point in time when things started to slide downhill (for your customers that is). In other words, we are not talking only about this latest bug in the media plugin.





    Hi all, Latest version of BuddyBoss Media has been launched please update your plugins..hope it will resolve your issues.

    If you have any further queries let us know..



    @mth75 That point in time you are referring to, is when we started launching more products. We have more products to manage now, and more customers purchasing those products, and our old method of testing and replying has proven to not work at the current scale. We have more staff replying and testing now than before, so the issue is not in our attention but in our process. We are currently working on a variety of improvements to improve our speed. As an example, just to release an update requires many steps currently, between packaging the update, pushing it out for auto-update, setting it up for customers to download at, and updating the sales page details. And so, sometimes we have fixes ready but product is not released. We are working on a system that allows for very rapid releases so that when a bug is detected, we can fix it and push the update out easily and quickly, with almost all steps automated. We are also implementing scripts and a new dev environment that will allow for more automated detection of PHP errors and such. Among other things. Additionally, we have less new products in the pipeline now and will be focusing more efforts on improving the existing products, both in terms of fixes and new features. This will allow us to stay focused on quality and speed. Thanks for your patience.


    @michael Hi Michael, Thx for your answer. The point in time was not a referral to you but to the “expansion” of the operations. Your answer offers hope (a lot of it!).

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