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    Hey Mike, TJ and BuddyBoss Team –

    It seems to me whenever I stop by the forum there are always a few people asking about the design of the theme – and how to emulate the look of the customized version of Buddyboss that does a great job of selling the template.

    The truth is – I love the functionality of Buddyboss and the unique feature set – but without heavy aesthetic customization, it simply falls short in looks and sex appeal, when compared to the other top selling BuddyPress themes.

    I have no idea how large your customer base is – but I know that some of the Themeforest BP themes have sold 3 and 4 thousand copies each, and working in a marketing capacity for a business that builds community and social sites using WordPress myself, I rarely hear Buddyboss mentioned as a recommended option due to it's sort of remedial design aesthetic.

    Why not create a few child themes that are a bit sleeker or that advance and evolve the original BB design a bit? Or just add a skin like “Easybuddy” that as a unique style and appeal?

    Or, create a sticky space on the forum, like other theme clubs, for dedicated developers and CSS specialists who could earn a freelance income, while serving the BB community?

    I know I'd love to use BB on few upcoming projects – but I know that I've got to pay to modify the theme considerably if I do. (which traditionally isn't the case with premium themes today)

    Just my thoughts – it's a great community theme with great functionality – I bet a simple “sexy” skin like a few of the modifications I've seen over the last few days ( being a great example) would skyrocket your sales and generate tons of buzz for Buddyboss to boot 🙂



    +1 on all points. I have 2 buddyboss communities doing very well at the moment, but the look isn't as good as the functionality. Let's get more child themes, even sell them for $10 a pop and put a package up together on ThemeForest. EASY 1,000 sales fairly quickly.


    BuddyBoss 3.0 will be much nicer on the look side of things, in my opinion. And responsive. And then we'll get to work on child themes 🙂 Also we will eventually separate the Wall + Photos functionality into a plugin so people can buy and use what they want.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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