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    Hi guys

    on an install the sellers and stores pages come up blank. I've used the demo content install

    Was there any thing in these pages in the demo to display the sellers and stores in the neat way you have them on your demo site?

    Is there a shortcode I should be using or VC component?

    I think that the vendor/users all need to be set as vendors and their profile pics updated to include store headers etc etc before they can display, I've done that on a couple but still not displaying?



    scratch this request i have the setting . . now i just need to find how you have populated the vendors to make them pretty


    Hi @derekk2110
    Please make sure you have populated basic details of vendor at their store profile.

    Varun Dubey


    Thank you, I will do a couple of them tonight as the theme demo files doesnt populate them (not sure that is possible anyway). Almost there. Once I get the site set up exactly as the demo then I can work backwards from there to make it the way I want it. By make it “as per the tin” I know that it is working and functional first, and any issues created are from my own work.


    How much basic data needs populating as I have populated two users as much as I can (it wont let me populate all the fields and it fails to upload the icon once you delete it) before it will show in the stores?

    No stores showing


    Hi Varun

    Marketplace store plugin / stores view.

    I have populated a store as much as I can – http://tinyurl.com/hsjkqvg

    However the “stores” page still doenst show up a store – http://tinyurl.com/zdnps2g

    Is there a field that it looks for to be populated before it shows up as a store? There are so many fields in the backend for each store all lumped in to the user profile it is hard to know what the marketplace plugin is looking for?

    thank you



    Hi Varun, any further feedback on this? the store lists not showing is a big thing


    Hi @derekk2110
    It seems you have filled enough details for vendor, even it should start displaying without any products in seller and store pages.
    Please send your site login detail from our contact page we will check at your site.

    Varun Dubey


    Hi Varun -done, logged. Just sent now as a bug etc with your name on it for review. Thank you so much. Struggling with getting the theme to the basic demo setup


    !. How do I get the product categories into the menu


    2. How do i get the sub-categories to show in the menu?

    I have loaded the demo content and see the menu area but I can't see how the product categories I am adding get there.

    Thank you!


    Hi kathy – best to start a new topic


    Hi Varun, any luck withthe logins i sent you and making stores appear?


    Hi Varun, was there any issues logging in/any luck on feedback as to whystores arent showing?


    Hi @derekk2110,
    Sorry for delayed response, mail was assigned to another support assistant.

    I have used switch users to login as vendor
    each vendor need login once to get their profile active and after their first login they will be start displaying inside seller and shop list

    Varun Dubey

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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